Aries femto noises/ craklings play particular radio station


Since 3 days I hear craklings sometimes . It looks like a saturation on music fast transitions : forte, micro noises behind voices , laughs etc. It occurs exclusively on one radio station ( « FranceMusique « in France , classical music) . This radio is known for its sound quality, less compressed than the others.

I own an Aries femto with 6.1.1 firmware. Same problems with aries outputs (aes) or USB and with another Dac. The problem desappears if I use a MacBook pro instead of the aries.

Since it may be a firmware problem, how can I go back to 5.8 ?

Thanks for your help

Just replied you via email, it can be a problem with the data stream format of the radio station. Is that something built-in Lightning DS or added separately? We can take a look if we can locate the radio station.


Actually it happend also on another radio called FranceCulture but both may have the same format since they come from the same large public institution : Radio France.

I don’t remember if they are built-in Lightning DS , I think so. They are the radios I listen to since the beginning when I bought the Aries several years ago. So why the format would have changed ?

The radio is « FranceMusique « from radiofrance if you can locate it.

Thank you for your help


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