Aries Femto is freezing up

Design flaw…? Maybe, but how can it be that the module works well the first years you play with it and then slowly gets worse and worse? This was clearly a gradual deterioration of the module.
Now I have to change a friend’s module as he has quite the same problems with his aries. Surely there are no other modules you can use?

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Heat may be a culprit?

If you can find an adapter (M.2 to mini PCI-Express) to install 7265NGW then you can install 7265NGW, newer 8260NGW also works as well.

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Could you please reccomend an adapter that fits inside the Aries Femto? Better if available on Amazon.
My third 7260 is starting to malfunction.

@deuch. You posted a link to a M2 to mini pci-express?

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looks good to me. I am not too Technical. Thank you Mr. Deuch.

Thanks! I just ordered this and a 8260NGW.
Let’s hope it works. And, maybe, this card won’t degrade with time.
I’ll let you know.

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Well, the adapter and the 8260NGW card fit inside the ARIES. But the card has different adapters (smaller MHF4 instead of larger Hirose U.FL) for the antenna cables. So I had to order two cables with the correct adapter. My plan is to cut the two existing cables near the connectors and solder the two new cables to the old ones and connect everything. This way I won’t detach the original cables from the ARIES cabinet.
@Xuanqian: any recommendation? How important is the cable length? Should it be similar to the original one?
BTW: in the meantime I am using the ARIES wired, with the new wifi card, without the antenna cables. Everything is working.
I will post the results with the cables.

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WOW! This is different from replacing the WiFi card with a new one of the same kind.
The ARIES runs a lot cooler (10°C less on the upper cabinet?), sounds a lot better (this was unexpected) and doesn’t present all the common problems (need to reset a few times every day, startup problems, drops when using Exact clock, …). This for 3 days now.
This is the first time in years that I really love my ARIES. It started to malfunction a few months after I bought it and changing the WiFi card with a new 7260HMV was like a “temporary” patch (I bought 3(!) 7260HMV) that worked for just a few weeks every time.
This looks like a definitive solution because I always suspected heat (even in standby!) was the problem.
But only time will tell.
If, in a few months, the ARIES won’t malfunction again, I will publish a complete guide to replace the WiFi with an 8260NGW.
BTW: now I am connected via 5GHz WiFi.


Antennas cable length is not important as long as they are well shielded. They can be longer or short and it wont affect signal quality.

Great job and we look forward to the video explaining step by step replacement.:grin:

@mdr so how is the new WiFi card working out? I would love to see a video step by step instruction of how to do this. Thank you.

The new WiFi card is great, for now. No more problems. I will wait a few weeks to confirm that it will not degrade with time.
A step by step video is too much work :joy:
But I will publish a simple “how to do it”. OK?

Sounds good. How is the temperature?

About 10°C less than before, really cool

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I am working on it. This is my first draft.

This is to everyone that has an ARIES and has reliability problems:

  • Need to reset a few times every day
  • ARIES cannot find the USB interface with the DAC (I have a VEGA)
  • Runs very hot, even in standby
  • WiFi connection lost a few times a day
  • Stuck in “starting mode”
  • Need to physically switch off the ARIES
  • Restart while playing

All these things starting happening for me after a few months of normal use. The distributor was very kind and gave me a new ARIES. After a few months the same problem started to appear. So, I did my searches and, thanks to this support site, I tried different things:

  • Use the 2.4GHz WiFi, not the 5GHz (it works a little better, but still a lot of problems)
  • Use the ARIES wired (same thing, a little better but not enough)
  • Replace the Intel 7260HNMV WiFi card (this solution is better and lasts for a few weeks; after that the problems start to show again; I changed the WiFi Card three times)

The problem is the Intel7260NHW. This card has a design flaw and, when used in the ARIES, runs very hot and, somehow, deteriorates with time.

I really love how the ARIES and the VEGA sound so, before throwing in the towel and find an alternative I decided to go deeper. On the support site I found that the ARIES firmware has drivers for the new Intel model: 7265NGW, and 8260NGW. The problem is that these cards are not PCIe but use the newer bus format M.2. And the antenna connectors are MHF4 instead of U.FL.

So, I found an adapter from M.2 to PCIe and replacement antenna cables. And I bought an Intel 8260NGW. Replacing the card is easy: remove the white sticky pad under the ARIES, unscrew the 12 screws, remove the upper part of the ARIES cabinet. There are two more screws to unlock the WiFi card. Than just insert the 8260NGW in the adapter and use the new antenna cables provided with the adapter (here I chose instead to cut the wires near the plugs and did a little soldering).

WOW! The ARIES runs a lot cooler now (10°C less on the upper cabinet), sounds a lot better (this was unexpected) and doesn’t present all the usual problems. Even the Exact Clock works fine now. This is the first time in years that I really love my ARIES! I am connected through the 5GHz WiFi.

You will need these two things:


can you explain more clearly why you choose to cut the wires and solder? Is this necessary? I was good up until this point. lol

Well, the cables provided with the adapter can be used as an extension but the plugs are a little flimsy. So I decided to cut the original cables and the extension cables near the plugs, solder the wires and isolate them with heat shrink sleeves.

I will pass on that step and see what happens.