Aries Femto is freezing up

After many months of trouble free operation, my Aries (original Aries) has started freezing up at random intervals. I am running Firmware 5.8, connecting wirelessly to my home network, pulling music files off a NAS and Tidal. The freezes can happen when I am playing music or when the machine is idle. When they happen the display still shows place in the playlist (eg. 5/7) and the position within the current file, but Lightning DS shows “no device”. If I try to shut the machine down with the remote, nothing happens. I have to pull the power cord out of the back to get it to reset. So far this has always worked. Then it will play again for minutes or hours or even days. Then it freezes again. As far as I know nothing has changed in my home network. Any idea what might be the problem?

I had pretty much the same challenge even post a replacement WiFi card being fitted. Switched to a wired connection and the problem went away.

Sounds like a defect with the WiFi card

Thanks for the input. I went to Microcenter yesterday and got a TPLink wi-fi range extender with an ethernet port on the bottom. So, for now, I’m bypassing the internal wi-fi card in the Aries. So far, so good. (Our router is on the second floor and the stereo is in the basement, so just running an ethernet cable the whole way is not practical.)