Aries Femto - constant wifi disconnection with beta firmware


I have an Aries Femto for 3 months (I had a Mini before, love your products!) and I have some problems with it.

Since I received it, I used it with the beta firmware (6 and more), and I had LOTS of disconnection when used in wifi mode (Aries totally disappear from network, I had to reboot and start a new configuration). It worked for like 30mn - 1h and then disconnection occured.
Then, I used it in wired mode : no problem of disconnection in this mode, but it is not as convenient, and sound quality is not as good.

I asked you what was the problem with the wifi, and you told me it was the wifi card, and gave me the steps to replace it. I bought one and made the swap. Then I made a factory reset and started a new configuration. Unfortunately, the same problem happened with the new wifi card : constant wifi disconnection.

So I made a new factory reset and change the firmware to the last official version (5.8) : no more wifi problem, it works perfectly for hours and days without any disconnection, it is perfectly stable. I tried again the beta version : constant disconnection.

So now I am using the latest official firmware, but it is a bit frustrating because firmware 6 has lots of improvements (EQ, better sound quality…), and I can’t use it in wifi mode

Are you aware of the wifi problem with firmware 6 and more? Will there be a patch?
Will there be an official stable release of firmware 6 for the Aries Femto?

Thanks for your help!

I have the same issue and same results.

Me too. I’ve had my WiFi card replaced too

I am not entirely sure what exactly is going on. I don’t know if it is my network or if it’s the wifi card in the Aries. Today I disconnected a few of my devices that share my network and I have had no problems for 5 hours. That is better than before.

Any word from anyone else? Every day I have to restart it

Does it drop off the network when wired? You may also want to remove all your connected devices from your network and only leave the Aries connected and see what happens.

Yes, @Xuanqian can you help us on that?

Lots of deconnection problems with the beta firmware in wifi mode.
No problem with the last official firmware (5.8) in wifi mode.

So it is not related to the wifi network, but to the Aries Femto firmware.
Thanks in advance!

For ARIES, most WIFI problem is from the Intel WiFi module. It may simply need to be replaced (still same model unfortunately).

Yes I understand that, but in this case, it can’t be that :
my Femto has a brand new Intel Wifi module (less than one month), that works perfectly with the latest official firmware, but not with the latest beta firmware.

I have swapped several times between the 5.8 and the 6.1 to be sure, and it always the same result. So clearly, it’s is related to the firmware stability, as it is the only thing that have changed in the process.

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I have the same issue and have had my WiFi board replaced.

By now I’m getting of these issues, from day one and now with a “fixed” unit. I believe this design is a lemon and as a sign of goodwill should be replaced with a G1

There is obviously some misunderstanding here regarding what it means when opting for inclusion in the beta-programme…
Please, take part and report back, but do aquire the knowledge of what it means beforehand.

Same issue when not on beta software.

I’ve tried two different routers (good ones). Changed settings, all sorts of things.

I’ve just switched to wired, stuff it. I got sick of my wife saying it doesn’t work and playing music through the Apple TV and tv speakers. Bummed that Auralic think wired sounds worse but so be it.

This is a newish problem. Something changed.

So far so good on wired.

Maybe you have an issue with you WiFi card … intel has a big issue on this model

My 2 week old Aries G2 stops playing music every 20-60 minutes in WIFI mode. When I wire it, it actually drops about every 10 minutes! What is the problem? I was using a PS Audio Bridge 2, that, had an issue with bursts of distortion when changing resolution between songs. The bridge would stay up for weeks without ever stopping.

@Xuanqian, I don’t understand why we can only use this model of WiFi card in the Aries? Why wouldn’t an upgraded WiFi model work?

Had my WiFi card changed already

Isn’t it exactly what we are doing? Reporting bug in the “support” section to improve next version of the firmware?

Anyway I m not sure what are the plans from Auralic, will they deliver an official version 6 of the firmware for the Femto products? They should because version 6 includes new features.

What bothers me is to always hear that the problem is the wifi card, and that it has to be changed. I have done that, I bought a new wifi card and changed the previous one. It took me money and time, and there is always the problem. Obviously, it is a firmware problem cause no problem with the latest official version.

It s a 2k euros(!!) device which only role is to stream music : I really don’t think I am asking a lot if I want to enjoy a device that has a wifi that works without constant disconnection / need to reboot.

Upgrading to an Aries G1 is not an option. I like the Aries femto with the matching Vega and now with the Merrak amps. Why is there no support for this issue? Why can’t you provide a fix so we can use a Wifi card that works properly? This is what we call a manufacturers defect. This is Auralic’s responsibility to make your product work properly is it not? I sincerely hope you will do the right thing. Thank you.

I have been using ethernet for my connection and yesterday I thought to try the wifi again and I was able to go 6 hours before it disconnected and then I had to restart my Aries. I am still not 100% sure exactly if its a software or the wifi card. If it is the wifi card and according to @Xuanqian it is a faulty card, why can’t another wifi card that is better work? I am not a tech so maybe someone can explain. Usually there are other manufactures that make same products. Why wouldn’t Microsoft have an updated card that would work?

Microsoft doesn’t build Wifi card. Intel does. I can imagine that a new serie fix the issue of the faulty one. It’s a standard mini pci(-e) port. The thing to change is the driver (compilation of driver, availability, update …) if you change your manufacturer.

I think it can be done … But maybe it’s just to avoid to have too many base code with too much different product ?
I imagine that the Aries G1/G2 and the Altair G1 has the same network card (like the mini ?). So one code base to maintain … Just a guess.

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