Aries as an NAA (HQplayer) endpoint?

I’m really enjoying my Aries G2 and its Roon /AirPlay/ Spotify connectivity but the icing on the cake for me would be if it were a HQPlayer NAA network endpoint. It’s the one thing I miss having upgraded from ultraRendu to Aries G2.


Yep I agree. +1

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+1 !

I definitely agree. I sent an email to tech support inquiring about integrated NAA. No response yet.

It depends of the complexity of the implementation. If add NAA remoive some features for LDS or other stuff it can be a bad bet for Auralic.

I know that design a custom solution (OS, rendeder, stream etc …) can be complex, and add things or adapt things to an existing platform can be tricky.

If 70% (a guess) of the customers are using LDS and if you implements NAA degrade the quality (or stability) of LDS, you will have 70% of mad customers :slight_smile:

Everything is compromise !

You have gone as far as integrating Roon Bridge, how difficult could it be to add NAA? With proper engineering, why would adding it degrade LDS stability?

Nothing is so simple i’m afraid … In sofware development people think that is easy to add more and more stuff without issue … And at the end you have Windows … :slight_smile:

We want pico or femto stuff, real time OS, EQ etc … All can not be done with the same hardware through the time. You can not know what can be the impact of adding NAA. Does NAA is a poor design or not ? Maybe the impact is not so huge i do not know. But i can understand that a team is carefull about it.

Auralic (i suppose) create the product with LDS at core of it.

And what will be the cost to do that for (it’s an example) 5% of the customers ?
Is it a top priority regarding all the bug fixes Auralic have to deliver (the newt version of the firmware is focused on bug fix) ?
Same thing regarding the features that Auralic promised to deliver ?

Again, nothing is easy in Software Development. If a developper tell you the opposite, fire him right away ! :slight_smile:
I’m dealing everyday with software (real time and others), and everytime we change a thing, even a little one, we think carefully about the risk on the business and degradation of other stuff (it cost millions per hours if not available).
Maybe i’m to carefull, possible :slight_smile:

Hi guys:

We are not going to support NAA in near feature.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I suppose it doesn’t make any sense for you to cannibalise Sirius sales by having an NAA option.


IMO, NAA would help Aries sales more than including it would cannibalise Sirius sales.

This is just my supposition.

This is the position.

A pity I agree but I’ve kept my ultrarendu and sometimes put it back into service when I feel the need for DSD512 from HQP.