ARIES and VEGA G1 discussion and questions


What connection type and DAC are you using? My DAC connected via TOS wasn’t much better, if at all, than a CCA. However, USB is a totally different story :sunglasses:

Also bumping up the lower bitrate FLAC 2x helped change the sound presentation and sound stage. I’ve tried them all but my sweet spot is right around 176 and 192 (for 44 - 96).


I am currently planning to purchase an Auralic product. I currently have my digital files (flac .dsd etc mostly ripped CD files and downloads of HDtracks , Blue Coast etc) on a NAS and have them on a hardwired network with Ethernet connection to a Oppo 105. The Oppo DAC feeds a new preamp I recently purchased and then on the an amp etc . I am not interested in streaming from Tidal or Wifi streaming etc. I am planning on replacing the Oppo. I have a large vinyl collection and play thru a phono preamp (ie no interested in analog input like into the Vega G2 capability - as if I understood the multitude of functions that this device has). I would like to control the files on an Ipad. I have been viewing some the discussions on your website and the “products” part of your website. I can not make “heads nor tails.” Your products are known to be excellent, but all of these interlocking capabilities of different devices, functions and connections (including Lightning DS and the Lightning control software) have my head spinning. Money is not the issue, I just need to find the right product in your line for my needs. Please help me make the best choice?


Your needs and wants might be covered by the Vega G1/G2. I suppose you will want the DAC capabilities of these, and their streaming skills may be all you need.
You would need an UPnP media server set up in your NAS though, or a Roon Core if you prefer that.

The Aries products provides Music serving capabilities so you would just need to add storage, local or via share. They also add Bluetooth and Airplay capabilities if you desire those, and also extended resampling, DSP and Room EQ options.

Best thing is to have a chat with local retailer, explain your setup and what you want out of a streamer/DAC. If you have one you trust, that is.


I think VEGA G2 will fit what you need to replace OPPO. You still need to keep DLNA server running on your NAS in order to provide Lightning DS the music library service. @AlfaGTV has explained what ARIES G2 can do while VEGA G2 can not but you can always add ARIES later after you have the VEGA G2 and you are happy with it.


Could there be a do-it-yourself upgrade board kit to add the lightning connector to an Aries G1 in the future? I recently purchased a G1 and I like the sound but now I am a little worried I will miss out on future Leo or Sirius upgrades as they depend on the lightning link connector which the G1 does not have. As the G1 and G2 have modular internals that seem partially similar, would it be possible to upgrade just some internal boards? I know, should have just sprung for the G2 In hindsight … :frowning:


I can honest tell you this is almost impossible. The Lightning Link contains both control data link and music data stream link. Neither of these two have been designed or reserved on the G1 series. There is not even a wire connection on the PCB.


OK makes sense. I’ll trade-in my G1 for an Aries G2 machine then.


Received my Aries G2. Exciting. I tried the G1 and it sounded good in my system but G2 is more future-proof and upgradeable as it has the lightning link. Will setup and listen this weekend.