ARIES and VEGA G1 discussion and questions


Maybe u (Mr. wang) can help me out here and make a suggestion.

I want to do the best next thing and gradually upgrade my system.

Right now streaming goes via Roon Core/ NAS on iMac with external storage to Aries LE via USB to McIntosh C 52.

I think the McIntosh DAC is okay for starters but the USB connection has its flaws - so I now use Coax (but no Femto Clock on the LE).

Thus my thought was to upgrade to a newer Aries G1 (or even G2)… and use Coax to the C 52 for now… with the option to maybe upgrade the DAC later.

Does this make sense?

Or is it better to keep the old LE and start on a different DAC ?

I do want to do the right thing but it kinda feels stupid to not use the C52s integrated options at all (and I already bypass the Phono via Pass XP 15 - so I would at least like to use the DAC).

Also the built quality of the LE is a little… well (I like to hide it :joy:)… the new G1 (or 2) brings the shine :wink:

Further chain from the C52 is McIntosh MC 452 and B&W 802 Diamonds…

… glad to hear your suggestions which way to go… right now I am tempted to start around the new Aries models…


I would recommend to have VEGA G2, since you use Roon, it will actually replace ARIES LE and McIntosh C52. The VEGA G2 has a pair of analog input which can use with your Pass phono stage.


I have the VEGA G2 directly connected to my First Watt J2 with no additional preamp. The VEGA works fine as a preamp using its volume control. Plenty of gain in my system.


Hi & thanx for the reply. I really want to keep the C52 for several reasons and thus the Vega G2 would be a little too expensive. So the question/decision would be between:

stream to Vega G1 via Roon and the go to C52 via XLR


stream to Aries G1 via Roon and go to C52 (using integrated DAC) via Coax…

… which solution would you recommend?


I think ARIES G1/G2 will be just fine if you want to keep C52. I would go ARIES G2 to keep the future upgrade option open.


Perfect - thanx !!!


Hi Xuanqian

I ordernd a Aries G2 (actually I use a Aries Femto). Signal path is directly into Genelec 8351 via AES.

I am really surprised about your rating Digital Output between Femto and G2: 120 vs 300% - is the G2 via AES so much better as Femto?

And does it mean that AES is the best connection to the DAC for G2?
There are less DAC on the market with AES input…

For me it sounds great, because my Genelec Studio Monitor only support AES input… :slight_smile:



The digital output of G2 have a new technology which make it sounds dramatically better than original ARIES Femto so you can really benefit from it if you have a sensitivity DAC. The Genelec will benefit a lot according to other user’s feedback from China.


Thank you very much, your answer clarifies a lot!


Hi @Xuanqian,

I’m a Vega G2 owner. I stream music from my Aries Mini using Lightning Server via Ethernet.
Correct me if I’m wrong.
So if I understand well, using ethernet entry on the Vega G2 is the best way for the best sound, because sound is not recorded in the platform, which is then not overloaded. Correct ?
Now, I’m wondering if an upgrade to the Aries G2 would be a big step in sound quality ?
In this case, I would rather use Lightning Link between Vega G2 and Aries G2, as you say it’s the best way to reach sound excellence.
But I would like to understand, using Lightning Link means that the sound is recorded in the platform, or does it work the same way as the streaming entry ?

Thank you


The Aries G1 has been in my system for about 3 hours now.
I have used the Aries (Femto) for over 3 years.
IMO Mr. Wang is “sandbagging” on the G1 for whatever reason.
It’s better and substantially so in every conceivable way - and I’m referring mainly to its sound quality.

At this point the G1 can only get even better.
I will put the original Aries back in the system eventually, but I doubt that my ears are deceiving me. I’ve listened to/through my “old” Aries for many hundreds if not thousands of hours and it’s sound is pretty much ingrained in my brain :brain::nerd_face:



Yes, streaming is the best input method except for Lightning Link. The Lightning Link connection allows VEGA G2 to shift quite some internal calculation into ARIES G2 and provide better sound quality.


any news in general about G1 .WAITING FOR THE g1 vega /paid for. in uk thanks . no one seems to know


stll waiting for vega 2 paid too 20/8/18 uk


Just to add - I have moved from Aries Mini to G1 still with original Vega dac - sound quality is in my view superb - I guess I might consider G2 at some stage but more than happy for now.


I upgraded the Aries Femto to the Aries G2 and continued to use the Vega dac. The sound is wonderful. However, yesterday, I ordered the Vega G2 and it will arrive tomorrow. I’m pretty excited.


Can a User of a VEGA G1/G2 please confirm if the latest firmware has a hardware mute when switching between 44.1/48 sample rates resulting in relay clicking for each change during a playlist of mixed sample rates? I ask as the machine I had on loan did this…

Thanks in advance


The 5.6 firmware added a output mute when switch between different sampling rate family, to avoid click noise when running volume at low level. This feature is only for VEGA G1, the VEGA G2 does not need this protection.


Hello and thank you for your reply. The VEGA G1 I borrowed had firmware 5.6 but there was still an audible double click (similar to the system initialisation clicking) at each sample rate change?


It should have the click noise as it is being added by intention (mute/unmute output relay during sampling rate switch)