ARIES and VEGA G1 discussion and questions


right what I thought after seeing Mr.Wang’s post :neutral_face:
plus… my “femto” is already powered by a Vinnie Rossi Mini Pure-DC-4EVR (I strongly doubt G1/G2 internal PS is better than this one) and I’m using both an ISO Regen and Audiophilleo 1 at its USB output


@melonfrog: G1 machines do not have Lightning Link connection, then the input you probably will use is USB. The hardware structure of G series DAC is to record all digital (including USB) input signal to system memory and playback. If you play via streaming input, it pull data directly from network without need to record, it actually reduce system load and should sound better. Since VEGA G1’s sound quality is a big step up from original VEGA, replacing ARIES+VEGA with VEGA G1 should be step up with quite some audible sound quality improvement. If you want better sound, then I would recommend to go VEGA G2 rather than ARIES G1+VEGA G1, similar cost but better sound.

@deuch: The digital output and USB output are working in different principles, it is not possible to compare those two. The difference is more from your DAC’s input stage design.

@Zgosh: The ARIES G1 is a refresh of ARIES Femto with stronger processor, more features and beautiful chassis, their prices are similar as well. If you need an ‘upgrade’, you should consider the G2 not the G1.


I have been given several reasons not to purchase Aries G1 to upgrade from my current Aries, and G2 is above my means.
I suppose a “thank you” is in order.


Thx, and i hope the Sirius g2(may be this name?) can output by usb or other digital output, not only llink, so that i can use aries g2 with sirius as my source. Some customer don’t need vega g2.


Mr Wang, so you are saying that if I upgrade to VEGA G1 or G2, I can use it without ARIES.
Or if I am using other compatible DAC without streaming capability, I should get the ARIES (whichever generation) if I need streaming, correct?
Do I still use Lightning server and DS to choose songs?


Sirius will be an interesting product, the input and output will not just limit to L-Link. Each of our G2 product can be used separately so you can use G2 with other DAC for sure.


The two major things you will miss are WiFi connection and Lightning Server if you use just VEGA G2. However there is a workaround, you can simply buy an ARIES MINI and use it as NAS drive then you will have Lightning Server in your network, and it only cost $500. The Lightning DS function will not be affected as VEGA G2 has full streaming renderer function.


How about the original Aries? Can I use it with VEGA G2?


There is no need to use ARIES (USB output) to VEGA G2, the only reason you would keep ARIES is to use the built-in Lightning Server.

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This is all pretty confusing. I have an Aries femto and Vega. I love the sound. In fact, I use the Vega for my CD transport as well. The improvement in CD sound over the original DAC I was using was amazing.

I have all my music on a QNAP NAS, so I need to stream. What I gather from the above discussion, is that if I want to upgrade, the best upgrade would be to the Vega G2, keeping my Aries femto for the Lightning Server function. Am I correct, or am I missing something?


If you do not need WiFi then use ARIES as Lightning Server while VEGA G2 to stream via Ethernet can be the best solution. Or you can sell both ARIES and VEGA, buy VEGA G2 and a second hand ARIES MINI (run Lightning Server) as it will be less expensive.


-Hi, - might be at stupid question, but…
I just ordered the Auralic Aries G1. As I am selling my original Aries and for the same reason need to reset and unregister it, I am wondering what happens to my individually created playlists, etc. - I assume that it is saved in the DS app, but just want to be sure


Thanks for your reply, Xuanqian. I absolutely require wi-fi streaming. Therefore, would I be able to use the Aries femto with the Vega G2?


If WiFi is required I think the best option may upgrade ARIES to ARIES G2 and keep VEGA for now, this allows you to future upgrade to VEGA G2 for a G2 combination and you can use Lightning Link in the future. The ARIES G1 and VEGA G1 do not have Lightning Link.


I am trying to decide whether it is worth upgrading to the Aries G1 Streamer from the Aries Mini + external power supply. I a using a PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC connected via toslink.


Uhm - I am a Little confused… I would like to replace my Aries LE with the Aries G1 (mainly for sakes of beautiful looks) and use it with Roon to stream ripped CDs via WiFi from existing drive and also to stream Tidal using an external DAC connected via coax or USB - will this work?


Hi @Xuanqian

Do you have a distributor in Singapore that will bring Aries G1?


Hi @MusicFidelity,

Currently we don’t have official distributor in Singapore. If you are looking for any DEMO unit I think it maybe a bit difficult. I think you may wait until the first G1 reviews are out and then decide if you would like to purchase from us.


Unfortunately no, we have a dealer in Singapore but they are not interested in carrying any new product like G series.