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Are there any difference between G1 and G2, both Aries and Vega?
AURALiC Modernizes their Original Lineup with ARIES G1 & VEGA G1

Am I right to say, the only difference between Aries G1 vs G2 is Aries G1 don’t have the Lightning port output? The rest seems to me quite similar in features. However the price difference is 2x less! Tempting…:smiley:


I prepared a chart but the community does not accept excel file to be uploaded…Here is a Dropbox link:

The expensive technologies we are using are in G2 will not come to G1, like the UnityChassis, Galvanic Isolation. The software functions are very similar comparing G1 and G2, but the sound quality difference will reflect their price tag.


As a current Altair owner, I am interested in the single-box comparison between the Altair, the Vega G1 and the Vega G2. The excel file showing Vega G1 and G2 indicates that built-in Lightning Server is not included in the Vega G1/G2. I’m not sure what that means. The Vega G1/G2 can stream directly from NAS. How is that different from how the Altair works? And will I experience a noticeable sound quality bump when moving from Altair to Vega G1 ? Will I lose anything in terms of features/functionality? Thank you for any insights you can provide.



The name ARIES, ALTAIR, VEGA, POLARIS are name that directly reflect the function of the unit. ARIES is focus on pure digital function, VEGA is more focus on a strong DAC performance (now with simple streaming function, ALTAIR is streamer and DAC but more a kind focus on having better streaming function, the POLARIS is all-in-one machine which targets at letting customer to have just one box for his/her system.

When comparing VEGA G1 and ALTAIR, the first difference you can see if the price difference, VEGA G1 is almost doubled from ALTAIR, which means it will offer much superior sound quality. Since there is no WiFi and no Lightning Server (and no AirPlay, Bluetooth), you will lose some features indeed. If you really like Lightning Server’s feature, you can buy an AREIS MINI as additional and use it just the DLNA server.


Looks as very interesting products! Looking forward to have my hands and ears on the first production units.



I have a few follow up questions if I may.

  1. Are you planning to release an Altair G2 or G1?
  2. If I buy a Vega G1 or G2 standalone and I hook it up to my NAS via ethernet, how do I browse my music on the Ipad?
  • Lightning DS with a different server software on the Nas, like Minim and/or BubbleUPnP
  • a different software on the Ipad like Lumin?
  1. The Aries G1/Vega G1 combo are not far from te price of the Vega G2. Any thoughts on sound quality there?
    Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great show in MUnich.


No Galvanic Isolation on aries g1? may it will cause safety problem like short circuit?


Most usb interfaces don’t have galvanic isolation and they work fine, so I would not be concerned about that.
Galvanic isolation prevents noise from the pc circuit entering your Aries.


Not in this case. It prevents noise from Aries reaching the DAC downstream that is connected via USB. Noise coming into the DAC can affect the analogue circuits.


Ok, replace PC with Aries


The G series design will not come to ALTAIR recently. After the ARIES MINI’s gone (not now), the ALTAIR will be our entry level all-in-one machine.

If you want to use VEGA G1/G2’s streaming function, you will need to have a 3rd party DLNA server, it can be either Minimserver installed on NAS or computer or your NAS’s built-in DLNA server.

Lightning DS is control software (on your iPad), Lightning Server is the DLNA server software in your machine, they are not the same thing. Lightning DS=BubbleUPnP and Lightning Server=Minimserver.

The ARIES G1 and VEGA G1 are two different product, we do not recommend to use then together because the only connection to connect those two devices is USB (there is no Lightning Link on G1). There is no sound quality benefit at all. G1 is not like G2, we would expect people to buy either ARIES G1 or VEGA G1 depending on if they need a good DAC. If you need Lightning Server, the best way is to get an AREIS MINI and use it just as a NAS.


Galvanic isolation contributes a lot to sound quality because they isolate the digital noise generated by processing circuit. There is no galvanic isolation in either ARIES G1 or VEGA G1 so the sound quality of G1 are not comparable to G2, only software features are the same.

My personal rating of the sound quality for different devices are as below:

For USB output:

ARIES (Femto): 120%
ARIES G1: 140%
ARIES G2: 240%

For digital outputs:

ARIES (Femto): 110%
ARIES G1: 120%
ARIES G2: 300%


Does it mean that the AES/EBU output of the G2 is better than the USB (240 vs 300) ?

Or did you compare only for each output and not between them ?


So is this difference in sound quality fromAries G2 and G1 mainly from galvanic isolation reason?


I think you have misunderstood my comparison. I am not trying to compare digital and USB output on different devices but rather comparing the improvement of same output port on different models.


Both galvanic isolation, unity chassis and the vibration cancellation contribute to G2 sound quality improvement


I don’t fully understand. Why should we not use ARIES G1 and VEGA G1 together? How about the original ARIES and VEGA. I am using the 2 together.

And will I gain anything to replace the original ARIES or VEGA with the G1s?


Ok thanks. And can you give us an idea of the quality between each input on the Aries G2 for exemple ? AES vs USB and maybe for the other products too ?


So the aries user no need to upgrade g1?

ARIES (Femto): 120%
ARIES G1: 140%
ARIES G2: 240%