Aralies Aries G1 IP adress DHCP or fixed


The router of ISP provides IP adresses such as : 192.168.0.X (X is range)
The Aries takes then an IP address as : (eg)
Sometimes the G1 cannot be found by app because it has assigned itself an address like 192.168.1.Y
Then DS ligtning cannot find it!! (third position 0 became 1)
I have to reset him/switch several times before he behaves " brave" again: he allows his IP address in the third position to be 0 again.
I would not mind if you allow me to set the G1 with a fixed IP address from WEB interface.
In my example I would give a G1 an fixed address like or 111 (1 is used by router itself) . PLS release that freedom.
THX Gerard

I’ve been going through a similar process of “fixing” the IP’s for certain devices connected to my network and was advised by my ISP to instigate it on the Router, not the Device.

So you have to go into the Router settings and find the Device you wish to have a Static IP and basically “reserve” the address.

That will then have it available for that device only, in other words the Router will always give that Address to that Device.

I believe all Routers are different to how this is done, but the help section or online forum for your ISP should be able to advise.

On my Router it was a simple matter of going to the DHCP section and adding the Atair to the “Reserved” section which then “fixed” it’s IP Address.

Note you have to avoid using start and end Addresses because those are used by the Router itself, so the safest is to convert the Address the Device is already using, that worked for me anyhow.

Hope some of this helps.

The fix of the up will be done by the router.

You can fix it with MAC address of the Aries. You have 2 MAC address, one for the Ethernet card and one for the WiFi card.

You need to choose the right one, go to your router, and if the option is available, fix an IP address related to the MAC of the Aries.

There are two ways to set fixed IP without potential conflict with DHCP server.

1, You can map the MAC address of particular device with a fixed IP and everytime DHCP server assign IP address to the device, it will be the same. However this still need to go through DHCP step.

2, You can use manual IP on the device, for example and setup the router (DHCP server) with DHCP range from to That will reserve all IP address above 200 so the fixed IP won’t have any conflict with DHCP server assigned IP group. This is actually the best option by far.

Thank you all.

Most advices lead to router of ISP.

I was surprised to read that mr Xuanqian sets the manual IP address outside the reserved range of the DHCP server! I thought the server would never look outside his range!

But it would be more comfortable if we could do it over Windows or IOS instead on the Aries. But this blocked unfortunately.

I’m no expert but don’t believe that is the case, what is being proposed under the second option is that you limit the Router to what IP’s it can allocate automatically (by setting a range).

In doing that any device that has a fixed IP outside that range can then be assured of connecting.

But I’m confused as to why that is better than just letting the Router give out the same IP as in the case of “Reserving”.

Also the second option is not a problem with static devices (always using same network) but you wouldn’t do it for portable devices because I believe if you did they might not connect.

All a bit confusing when you are not used to networks, as in my case.

Try the easy way : fix IP with MAC :grinning:

It is only to limit DHCP’s IP range, your device will look for a range depending on the subnet mask setting.