App crash searching "Seahorses"

Hi. My Lighning app crashes when I type " Seahorses" into the search bar.
Any body else or is it just me?

No issue for me, just get empty result screen, tried with both search sections (spyglass top right and bar when you pull down).

Also not sure if it’s a typo but you have a space in front of the word, so tried same with that as well.

No crashes in any of the options tried I’m afraid.

Altair G1+iPadPro (2018).

The crash may caused by a corrupted database index. You can use clear cache at library setup interface then reselect the library. After the library has been imported, do not turn off your iPhone or iPad for a couple of mins till the index has been created, which runs at background and you can not see.

Happens to me as well right after entering “seah”. A workaround is to enter
“sea horses” and then remove the blank space to get “seahorses”. If removing letters from “seahorses” starting from the end, the app crashes when “o” is removed from “seaho” I have a really small library with less then 30 songs. Tried on both iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro with same result. Both devices running iOS 13.3.1 and DS app 5.6.1.

Sorry, didn’t see the replies.
I typed in The Seahorses and all is fine. One of those anomalies I guess, though I will follow Xuanqian’s advice when I get a chance. Thank you :+1: