Anti-vibration feet for Aries G1

I always have been skeptical about all the anti-vibration stuff in the audio world, but I see one difference between G1 and G2 is the feet; and also, I see that many people that reject some crazy tweaks still are using anti-vibration stuff. SO,

I am wondering if any users here have experimented with such feet or platforms for the Aries G1. If so, what did you try, and what did you wind up with?

Rather than changing the feet on my Vega G1, I purchased a pack of 4No Origin Live Isolating Disc Pads and put one under each foot - a noticeable improvement for the cost of £12 +pp.

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Thanks, @DavidH. The Origin Live discs don’t seem to be readily available in the US, but the similarly inexpensive Vibrapods are. I’m going to give those a try.

Those things cannot work. It doesn’t stop circuitboards from vibrating.

Vibrapod and cones do work. They attempti to stop vibrations entering the product through the racks and shelf. Nothing that I know of (except keeping components in another room) can still airborne vibrations, physical vibrations or any other type. We can only try. I’ve used many of these contraptions various rubber and plastic pods, metal cones, springs, magnetics, air suspension, bladders, bearings, and probably more than I can think of at the moment. They all change the sound. Depending on a person’s ears one might be better or worse than another.

To complicate it further some components sound best with none at all.

Again best tactic remove your components from the listening room. Whenever possible.

I have tested a very “esoteric “ platform called Accouplex and was frankly astonished at how it tightens sound and clarity - more so on my old preamp but also on my G1 - idea is it dissipates microvibrations that can cause microphony , do not ask me about the science but if worked no question !

Herbie’s Audio Products are an awesome way to start. 60 days money back. Inexpensive compared to most and very competitive with the best. Get the Supersonic Stabilizers for the top and use Tenderfeet under the device. Great decouples for speakers and racks as well.

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I have SSC feeds under my Aries G1 and all other devices. After the feeds upgrade I feel (mainly on the preamp and amp) less/no vibrations and a clearer and pleasant sound.


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