Amazon Music Preferred

My favorite streaming app is Amazon Music HD. I have tried Tidal and Qobuz on 60 day free trials but neither have won me over. Currently I stream Amazon Music HD via Apple Airplay from my iPad through my Altair G1 which sounds good but would prefer Amazon to an integrated application in the Altair which would be superior
I know I’m not the first to ask but if you don’t ask you don’t receive. The more Auralic hears of our wishes the more likely they become reality.

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You’re right. I’ve asked about this on a couple of occasions as have other users.
Apparently, there is a problem with Amazon releasing an API to smaller companies such as Auralic.
Auralic were looking into trying to control LDS via one of Amazon’s Echo devices.
Not ideal, I know, not withstanding many of us not having Echo devices in the first place.
It’s been quiet for a couple of months now. Not sure how long these things take. Watch this space?

My guess is that it will be quite a while before Amazon further improves the distribution side of their (U) HD service. Anything they make must be robust and immediately scale. It is also unclear what form(s) the solutions will take: new API, updated echo link, spotify connect type component etc. So far BlueSound integration seems farthest. See the lively discussions on the Amazon forum Overall it seems that their core HD service is launched ahead of a full distribution/ streaming capability. But imagine they’ll catch up with that in a year or two.

THX that is good info