Amazon Music Jumps Into the Hi-Res Audio Game

When will Amazon Hi Res be available on Aries Femto?

I have the same question. I just signed up for three free months, but maybe I jumped the gun.

It depends if Amazon open it to third parties or not. Does not seem to be the case right now ?

Amazon previously not quite interested in 3rd party hardware integration. The only manufacturer I know that has integration is Marantz/Denon. I believe they need to reconsider their strategy. They need a way to integrate their service to the hifi equipments in a way that is good enough not to compromise the high res quality.

We have staff working on this already and see how things will develop. At this point, I am not sure where TIDAL and Qobuz will end up…


So I tried to add Amazon as a streaming service on LDS for Altair, but it’s not there to be added. Considering Auralic isn’t MQA licensed, I beg you to add Amazon streaming so we can get that hirez feed. Please!

Amazon is listing a whole bunch of hardware providers, but no Auralic. Not sure however what integration these names here are referring to.

Not an Auralic choice for now …

As a Tidal subscriber this could very well have me jumping ship. Guessing Tidal, Qobuz and MQA may all suffer as a result.

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It depends. Amazon is so big that they can decide to only propose their own products with amazon music or only the Alexa enabled device.

When Amazon Prime Video was announced, people said the same the same thing for Netflix.

So wait and see … i’m so excited to read all the future debates about tidal/Qobuz/amazon SQ :slight_smile:

I do not intend to try Amazon services, so it is the same as in the end Auralic put us on their computers the appropriate link. It’s my way of saying “enough” to Amazon, which seems to want to be our only supplier at all

asking a question that may demonstrate my limited understanding: MQA - isn’t the whole point to create smaller sized files/bandwidth usage, while retaining hi-res file audio quality? If so, I would assume these hi-res files on Amazon must be huge and require way more bandwidth to stream and space to store. I’ve read elsewhere a perk of the service is you can download the hi-res files to a device for off-line listening. that would be a big benefit.

Hardware and software are an important part in getting streaming audio to sound good. A good user interface is also very important. That’s the reason why I listen to my audio files and Tidal on an Auralic device. It is going to take a while for manufacturers to get their gear and software well integrated with Amazon’s hi resolution service. I am in no hurry to deal with bad user interfaces and/or buggy software.

I am in no hurry to save 7 dollars a month by replacing Tidal with Amazon if that means that I need to purchase a new streamer. If Auralic cannot make my Aries streamer work with Amazon, I will just wait a year or so until other manufacturers have mature products that work well with the Amazon Hi Rez service.

It would be great if Auralic would integrate Amazon Music HD support into Lightning DS. A lot of others i.e. the BluOS community with Bluesound, NAD and Dali have already integrated the service into their offering.


Yes indeed, it would be fabulous if Amazon HiRes could be integrated with AURALiC products. They are using FLAC up to 192/24 so no decoding or pseudo decoding as with MQA files. In my opinion this move will see off bothTidal and Qobuz. This really would be a fabulous integration with Aries etc.
Until that possibly happens, as an interim measure, I think it would be possible to stream Amazon Music HD via Airplay from iPad to Aries Mini for slightly better than CD quality (24bit 48 Khz is maximum iPad can output I think).
I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 also, which is capable of playing hi res music. Does anyone know if there is a way of streaming to the Aries Mini using WiFi to get the full hi res hit?

Commercially it would be a disaster for Auralic to not implement Amazon streaming into their devices as I agree that all the smaller players are likely to be steamrollered into submission.
Getting hires audio off android phones is tricky. You need USB audio player pro to bypass the internal processing. Do you use the DAC in the mini or a stand alone dac?


I use both the DAC in the Mini and the DAC in my amp (Audiolab M One). They use the same DAC. Both sound great. I have not heard of USB Audio Player Pro, but in the past I have used Bubble UPnp to stream from my phone to my amp using WiFi. I found this a rather clunky experience however with mixed results. The sooner Auralic incorporate Amazon in LDS the better in my opinion.

We are in process to find the right contact person inside Amazon in order to connect with their marketing and R&D department so we can integrate their service in Lightning DS as soon as possible. Please understand that they are a giant company, finding correct people in charge of this issue will take time.


Please find the Amazon group and get it done! I believe it’s vitally important for an audiophile DAC company to enable its products and customers to access what, in a few weeks, will be by far the most notable and accessible hirez pipeline on the planet. It’s huge Amazon is offering hirez—HUGE. Now, basically everyone who doesn’t live under a rock has access to hirez music, even if they did before and didn’t realize it, and Auralic needs to find a way to let them, and us, utilize it.


Well said Buffstocover… Couldn’t agree more!

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I have been researching this recently to try and get good quality high-res audio through headphones out of my S9.
I suspect the best audio result for you would be USB audio player pro and a USB lead into your audiolab dac.
As you say pretty clunky.

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