Amazon Music HD

Hi all,
I have been browsing the Roon Community forum and there’s a great deal of interest / debate in incorporating Amazon Music HD into Roon.
A couple of interesting suggestions were to bombard Amazon, requesting integration in order to “prick their ears up” and listen.
As hi-fi enthusiasts, although in an overall minority, we tend to spend a lot on music, which could ultimately benefit Amazon financially.
I have emailed Amazon Music, stating I currently subscribe to Qobuz and Tidal and would possibly swap to them if I could listen in full hi-Res through my Auralic System.
If more Auralic owners do the same, maybe that would help things along? What do you think?

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I think that’s a good idea. Marketing departments pay attention to what their customer base says…and if you’re an amazon prime member, it’s even more important to them.

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My thinking exactly! The bottom line with huge companies such as Amazon, is if can generate them extra profits, they will get on board.

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