Alternative to Lightning DS

Does anyone know if there is an alternative to Lightning DS for the Mini (and other devices)?

My view is that LDS is not fit for purpose. It is too unreliable and frequently prevents me from using my Mini. Looking at the posts on this forum, it would seem that I am not alone. I am currently unable to stream from Qobuz but this is just the latest of a sequence of problems.

As Auralic’s support is pitiful (if not non-existent then at best it is sparse), and as I am stuck with this device, I am motivated to find an alternative and remove this software. Can it be done?


Linn Kazoo

My guess is you may have other issues but to answer your question one option is “Roon”.

BubbleUPnP for DLNA / Chromecast / Smart TV


Hi Dunc,
Although I am not an Apple fan I must say the Lightning DS app is working very well with my Vega G1. So maybe you can share some specific problems you face. Maybe we can help?

Apart from that I am also using the Bubble UPnP with my Android tablet. It works good except from internet radio. I did buy the ‘license’ with it otherwise it is too limited in functionality. As long

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Lighting DS is not able to support large number of files - it will crash all the time. I don’t know why there is no option to have a simple DLNA client as a separate app inside LDS like it is for Tidal, Qobuz… To my view Linn Kazoo, Linn, HR streamer (from Teac and it is as well an Android app) are good options for Apple devices and BubbleUPnP for Android.

What is a “large number of files”? I just loaded my Lightning DS app with a Minim based library of around 100K files, took about 2-3minutes from scratch.

Does the Teac HR Streamer works with other products than Teac one ?

In my case I have around 200K files on my NAS - never able to scan all. I would like to have a simple DLNA client inside LDS - just simple folder browsing and no additional database - my library is fully organized

Yes, in my case it works. I had a Teac 505 player (I’ve sold it after I bought Aries G1) but the app works

Use your NAS as a UPNP server instead, much more efficient IMO. :slight_smile:
Lightning Server in the Aries’s is a nice alternative if your library is physically tethered to the unit, but over network… Nah…

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So you do not need DLNA :slight_smile: just a view of what’s inside the smb mount on the Aries for eg.

It can work with DLNA too :slight_smile:

Like others have said, Roon is an excellent alternative to LDS.

I have a Mini and I have been using Roon for the past two months. I am using my Mini as wireless Roon endpoint. I much prefer Roon.

I primarily use an IPAD to control my music. With LDS, I usually have to wait fifteen or twenty seconds for my IPAD to get reconnected to to the Mini after the iPad falls asleep. Sometimes, I have to reboot the iPad in order to get connected to LDS. With Roon, it takes just a second or two to get connected to the Roon server. When I try control LDS with my iPhone, I usually have to re-boot the phone to connect to LDS. There are no such issues with my iPhone and Roon.

Roon is not cheap, but it has a lot more features than LDS. In addition to Roon providing way more meta data and album information than LDS, it is a music control system for your entire house.

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On my side ROON was a “No Go” not only due to the price but as well doesn’t support APE format - I prefer this one to flac even if both supposed to be lossless :slight_smile: I have my library well organized and quite big and the only working solution I’ve found was to have Asset UPnP on my QNAP NAS and clients I’ve mentioned before. It would have been great to have a basic UPnP client in LDS app and have the standard browsing without building huge database - or at least to be able to reduce the database dimensions by limiting the categories to minimum - server/folder browsing.

my Lightning DS is working very well. My music library contain 45.000 files, no problem for Lightning DS with macBook or iPhone. Maybe look at a failure in your setup?

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For the record :

It’s the iOS application, but the library is handled by the iOS/iPad device.

Indeed, that is the reason behind my request, having a client only alternative for LDS and let other Servers handle the music database. I assume the client software is inside so just have a dedicated tab for it (looks simple from outside but could be more complicated than that :slight_smile:). We have some alternatives but it will be great to have only one app for all.

As a non-technical Apple user, I use my Mini as follows (to my satisfaction):
All my music is stored om my Apple computer, iMac, with lossless quality. I use the Music application (formerly iTunes) to organise and play my music, create playlists etc.
I stream music to my Mini with Apple Airplay, which is connected to my hifi (to Qutest DAC and than further). This will deliver CD quality music, which is sufficient for my purpose.
I use iTunes Remote on my iPad or iPhone to manage the music I play. This works perfectly.
So now I can sit anywhere in my house, use my iPad to control my music and have the Apple Music application as my application to manage my music (instead of DS). Works for me.
best regards,

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I am sorry for your problems - they are clearly troubling you
I have had zero problems with DS on a Mac/MIni configuration. If anything I would say DS was a strength.
But you have had a different experience. I would be inclined to persevere with DS.
All the best

Hi Ed, thats a similar setup to the one that actually gave me hope for computer based audio a few years back.
And i agree, iTunes (Apple Music) and Apple Remote works beautifully together.

However, i do recommend that you try connecting a backup disk of your iTunes library directly to your Aries Mini and try out playing back using the Aries and Lightning DS instead.
You might be surprised over the usa i,ity and sound quality of that approach!
Besides, i might be a fun project in these times of social distancing! :slight_smile: