Altair Stuck on "Starting..." Every Time

Hello, after recently updating my firmware to 5.0, every time I power up my Altair from sleep mode it just sits there stuck on the “Starting…” display. I have to physically turn off the switch and power it back on in order for it to work. Any similar issues?

Same problem here. And it doesn’t shut down most of the time. Only way is to turn off and on the switch.

Kind of related to 5.0 firmware, will look into that as well!

Same problem here… its so frustrating

Hi Xuanqian, I also noticed that the unit will freeze completely at times after starting a track from Tidal. I haven’t noticed a pattern yet, but just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for the update. I have another customer reporting freeze using wired connection and it only freeze when play TIDAL, the first customer was using Apple Router and the second one is Netgear R6300. We are trying to reproduce the problem now as the first customer said the problem disappear by change to another router. I am wondering if there is anything wrong from network driver.

the problem still exist - every time I turn on altair form sleep mode its hang up on “starting…” and nothing happens regardless of time. The only cure is use a switch on the back of the device.
please fix this, this is so annoying especially when you cant walk so much (my example - leg in plaster)

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Do you also notice that the unit will seize up completely at random when streaming from Tidal?

Disregard. It doesn’t seize completely. I can change over to coax to play cd’s but when I try to go back to tidal it gets hung on Starting… Can’t believe I paid $1,800 for something that doesn’t work correctly.

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As I’ve noted elsewhere I believe its a problem with the WIFI network driver as I have the same issues and only resolved by using a pair of powerline adaptors and connecting to the ethernet port. Out of interest do you have a Synology NAS on your network?

I believe Auralic needs to get this fixed ASAP as there is no way that I will upgrade to their new kit with this Beta level stability.

I have got the same problem. Contacted support and they asked for my units serial number. Haven’t heard from them for 4 days.

This is a software glitch, we are working on that, please see this for reference:

Last night my Altair asked for a reboot so to upgrade the firmware. After the upgrade the problem persists. Both the “stuck on starting…” and the sudden freeze while playing.

Has anyone noticed any changes after yesterdays update?



Hi, there is no recent software upgrade so don’t know how the message poped up. You can email your device S/N to support and we can check out the recent download record.

Hi Xuanqian,

I have a Aries LE and it asks yesterday also for a reboot. But after the reboot the firmware still version 5.1. I was hoping for new software for the WiFi problem.

By the way. My friend has a Aries Femto with a mikrotik AR9580. He has no problems at all. Is it possible to change the 7260HWM for the AR9580!

Kind regards


My Altair has the same problem. It will stay stuck in starting mode unless it is unplugged and reset. Then it works. Otherwise it works fine. This is really annoying and greatly reduces my satisfaction with the device, which I otherwise love. Anyone come up with a fix?



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The same problem. I got new Netgear AC5300 Nighthawk never happen again

december 7th 2017, here (France) and same problem : Altair with 7260HMW wifi card & stuck on STARTING… when going from sleeping.
My router is a Netgear NightHawk R7000 (AC1900) but tried with a D-Link & a TP-Link : same results.
Firmware is 5.2.

I got the same router and get the same problem. Go to Netgear R8500 AC 5300 for a 7 month now never have any drop any problem

Thanks but my R7000 is like new & don’t want to spent anymore changing the router as it is a 7260HWM driver issue.