Altair (plain) or Altair G1 vs Lumin D2

Any thoughts on the comparison of these Altairs vs the Lumin D2?

Right off I like Lightning DS better than the Lumin app. For me, the Lumin app is less intuitive and a little busy with it’s user interface. I feel the user interface with Roon is superior to both, however I have not been convinced it’s with the premium cost vs free.

I have only heard the Altair so cannot help with difference in sound.

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.Indeed, LDS is a far better user interface than the Lumin app. A friend has a Lumin U1/Devialet combo. It sounds fantastic but the interface is just not very smart.
The Lumin D2 sounds as good as the Altair. If you care for (future) DSD use. The Lumin D2 only plays up to DSD 128. The Altair up to 256 and the new Altair up to DSD512.
When I compare price, looks, capabilities and the support of the apps I would defenitely recommend the new Altair G1

I own Auralic Altair and like it very much. I would like if the difference between Altair G1 and Altair is really significant in terms of Sound Quality.
Anyone can give me good and trustworthy reasons?