ALTAIR G1 with Airplay

When I use airplay with an iPhone or iPad, the sound is staccato, hashed.
My wifi download is 500 Mps, upload 230 Mps, ping is 3 ms, jitter 2.27 ms

Normaly i use rj45 link, but when friends are coming…

Thanks for your answer.

No answer ?

Hi, Php75.

Your WAN download/upload/ping measurements are somewhat irrelevant in regards to AirPlay. Airplay is a local network communication (LAN).

Which router do you use? WiFi acces point(s)? Extenders? How is the ALTAIR G1 connected to your router?

Have a read through this discussion because if your issue is a kind of stuttering you may have the same as I experienced a few weeks ago.

It’s only happened once on my G1 but haven’t really been doing a lot AirPlay at the moment.

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Thé routeur is a Freebox delta linked with rj45 to my Altair G1

Have another read of this because it just happened again on my setup.

Long story short, I switched to playing content from the internal ssd for a few seconds, then when moving back to AirPlay the stutter was gone, not sure if this helps you but might be worth a try.