ALTAIR G1 discussion and questions

Please feel free to post any question and discussion here.

Does the Altair G1 have a user fit HDD like my Aries Mini ( which has been a wonderful piece of kit) or does the dealer have to fit it? How does the sound quality compare with the othe G1 units? My dealer was not a fan of the original Altair DAC but I love the idea of a one box digital player and server to replace the 5 boxes I currently have (network switch, Aries Mini, SOTM streamer, LPSU, Qutest)

We have optimized the sound of ALTAIR G1 slightly comparing to the original ALTAIR due to better power supply design, better analog circuit and a new DAC chip. They will still sound similar.

For the HDD, it will be similar like the ALTAIR, you will need to obtain a kit from AURALIC and install by yourself.

You are certainly not talking up the sound quality of Altair G1 too much! Will I be able to use the disc from the Aries Mini without reformatting it ?

Yes, you can, the disk only need to be initialised one. When you transfer the disk to the ALTAIR G1 (or whatever AURALIC device supports HDD), you just need to add the path then do a force rescan.

Thanks, that’s good news and makes it easy for Aries Mini owners to upgrade.