Altair G1 auto standby

Got my new Altair G1 and is loving it. Coming from a NAD M12 the sound is so much better, way better but the feature set is a little behind the times. Simply put, if I am not streaming or playing anything, I would like the unit to got into a network standby or sleep mode, but remains visible on the network as a renderer of sorts so i can wake it up again…
Really need this feature or am I missing the setup that allows this to happen?

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+1 for this!

The sleep mode basically do nothing but to remove the device from Lightning DS software and shut down the display. It will not disconnect physical connection to your network nor reduce power consumption. We have designed our hardware to make sure they are connected all the time so we do not take them down from network.

Thanks for your response.
In my experience of the unit, once in sleep mode, it no longer appear as a device on any system(Spotify, roon) so it must be offline. I have mine connected via the ethernet port.
That second part of the question is to have it go into sleep/standby mode automatically after a preset time of no use. What is the plan for this?

When you put the device in sleep mode, our internal software will shut down some modules and that’s why you won’t see it inside Spotify or Roon, however the hardware remains running at full speed.

Automatic sleep is a function we have been research for a while and it is hard to achieve. When you play through Lightning DS or Spotify Connect, our software know when the tracks end so we know when the device become ideal. However if you are running in Roon or AirPlay mode, since the data is a live stream, we have no way to detect if the play ends or not so it will prevent software from going into a countdown for automatic sleep. That’s why we do not employ a similar feature till now.

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Thanks for the response.

This feature is critical to the success of the G1. Most other manufacturers are doing it so see no reason why this is so difficult for your experts. Even my dumb Lyngdorf power amplifier knows when there is no signal from the G1 and goes into standby.

Please find a solution to this.

What is the points of having to physically go switch the unit on or off everytime I need to listen some music…?


Stephen Campbell

Different manufacturer handle input signal in different ways. Our way does not really able to detect the input if it is valid or not when the device work under live data stream mode (AirPlay, Roon, Bluetooth or Internet radio).

Can you change the timeout timer to wait for 2 minutes before the screen goes blank. There is no option in the apps to change this so can you allow me to do so please… it’s a request for this feature if you are not intending to create an auto sleep function…

I can imagine you can attach such a function when you push on the ‘power on button’, so it’s user related the device is put to sleep (not depending of an incoming stream signal)…
Or maybe add a get to sleep function which is also user related (not depending on an incoming stream but on user interaction)?