Albums with release date 1982 shows as ‘0’ in LDS

Hi @Xuanqian

I noticed those albums with release date 1982 will show as ‘0’ in LDS release date. I’ve a 9 albums having this issues, these are released in 1982. I’m using the latest official firmware and LDS. Please check. I think this is software bug went unnoticed for a while…



The release date by the album cover is not shown. So I think that the field “Release date” is not filled in and empty.

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All these albums have a date, they are dated as year 1982. If you change to other year, other than 1982, then it will only shown in their respective years. I’ve double check. You can try to changing to 1982 and see whether ‘0’ release date appears, if you click it, the album dated with year 1982 will appear inside. I bet you it does. I think this is a software bug.

Not only 1982, i’ve issue with other years too … in fact i do not have issue with 1982 but 2013 for eg :grin:Checked the tags and there are ok

I think this really sucks! This kind of bug shouldn’t have surface at all in the first place.

I have 1,000 or so cds ripped as flac to a Nas. I see all the years where tags exist. Including 1982 and 2013. :kissing:

To fix it, i’ve to put the date again in the metadata. Date is already here in the metadata, earse and but put it again, rescan and et voilà !

It is the metadata, it may contains unwanted character so Lightning Server think it is invalid and wont pick up.

Hi @Xuanqian,

I have double checked 9 albums with year 1982. Please see below the metadata highlighted in blue.

If I change the date other than 1982, then it will appear in its respective year. Say if I change to 1983, then it will appear in the release date of 1983 and not in ‘0’ release date. I can send the file for your checking. Thanks


Will you send the file to me. Than i look at this problem. I want to know what this is.

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.WAV file support for metadata, tagging, is far less robust than for flac format. Could be related to this issue.

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I’ve no issue with 1982 albums …

What kind of file is it ?

I think so, too.

Please share a file with problem to me via dropbox, we can check out why the date was not picked up.


Recently I have resolved an issue in LDS not showing most of the cover art works of my albums in changing the CUE file encoding in the library settings. Have a try you’ll never know.

Good luck

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