Album playback in Tidal/LDS stops

hello everybody,

whether wired or not, internal or external dac, there is a 16 minute gap, when using lightning ds. also here in belgium. i have to tick play for each individual song …
auralic should fix this.


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I can confirm what others have said:

Aries (wireless) + Tidal = 16 minute delay.
Aries (wired) + Tidal = 16 minute delay.
Aries (DNS + Tidal = 16 minute delay.
Aries (USB DAC) + Tidal = 16 minute delay.
Aries (digital outputs) + Tidal = 16 minute delay.
Linn (directly swapped with Aries) + Tidal = No delay.
Moon (directly swapped with Aries) + Tidal = No delay.
Oppo (directly swapped with Aries) + Tidal = No delay.
PC + Tidal = No delay.
iPhone + Tidal = No delay.
iPad + Tidal = No delay.

Please, Auralic Team, let’s work towards a fix ASAP for your faithful fan base? You’ve created a very good product that is verging on greatness but currently unusable for our purposes…

I think it is a software issue inside our software, maybe joint with TIDAL server’s response data. The 16 mins must be a unique number.

I am moving this thread to bug tracker as we have started to work on this.

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Thank you Xuanqian. I know many of us will be following in anticipation. I know, also, that many of us will gladly do anything we can to help e.g. provide information and feedback. Fingers crossed and thanks again!


Can any one tell me when the device stuck, is that a black screen or with auralic logo?

Hi Xuanqian,

no black screen, no Auralic logo. Everthing quite normal - except the buffering symbol. If you trigger “play” then the track starts immediately. If you wait exacatly 16 minutes then the track starts by itself.

As I wrote before, I switched from Tidal to Qobuz. At Qobuz/LDS there is no issue.

Best regards

Same here–the screen is not black/blank and it does not display the Auralic logo. The screen on the device appears normal but the track buffers on and on and on…

Got it. Thanks!

typically, DSL moves on to the next song of the play list, which shows but does not play before 16 minutes, unless ticking manually.
cf. image, please not that the played track time and remaining track time or the ones of the previous track (river man) on the list.
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I think its a huge numbers of Altaire / Auralic users who not use this speakers corner. I have used a Altaire since nov 2016 and its a awesome product. However the last year has it been major problems with TIDAL and it just works for a few seconds and Ligtning lost my device though I use wired connection. And, when This occur it also affect Spotify connect as well and I need to switch of and on. But if I only use Spotify its approx never buffer or loses the device. In 2017 it whas the opposite. Maybe Qubos is the way to go…

2019 02 26 Well, a miracle or bug-fighter has solved it. Now it works perfect, as it should. Peace/ Fstscndhnd

It’s two months now that I have the same problem with Qobuz here in Italy! Regards, G

I confirm that I have exactly the same problem with Qobuz here in Italy, regards

Hi Xuanqian. How’s the progress? Any positive steps towards a resolution? I’ve updated my Aries with the latest firmware and still the problem persists…

P.S. Please let there be a fix–the Aries is hands down the best sounding streaming transport I’ve used in my system!

No progress of this problem so far, we can not reproduce this problem at all so it is still something we are trying to find.

Got a customer’s email today and it appears to be something relating to ISP router. I hope this will help:

it seems to me, that we have found and fixed the Tidal Auralic streaming issue.
The Hungarian Telekom (Deutsche Telekom affiliate) experts kindly assisted me.
The gateway what Telekom uses in Hungary on its wired network has a bug (in the hardware chip of the … units) there is no “keep me alive” message after 5 minutes.
After Auralic gets the first track from Tidal server, the channel will not be remain open, so by the next track there is no open communication channel, they (tidal and auralic) have to open a new! This makes the system “buffering”.
I have got a beta software (linux platform) on my Telekom gateway and now I have no streaming problem at all. :slight_smile:
I use the Your auralic 6.0 beta firmware, it works fine.

Thank you for supporting me on this!

(I have thought, that you might be interested in the solution, this is why I shared this info with You.)

I have changed my router and my modem. The exact same problem still occurs with Tidal on the Aries. Tidal still works without a glitch on all other streaming equipment such as Linn, Moon, Oppo, iOS and Windows devices. This is clearly an Auralic issue. It is unacceptable for a product of this cost and “calibre”. Will you please advise us: What will you finally do about it? Please feel free to contact me privately to discuss a resolution.

Same buffering problem with my new Vega G1. After playing Tidal for 3 weeks with no problems the issues started:

  1. Playlists started sometimes to load not fully - just few songs from full list
  2. Few days later played 2-3 songs then stopped. Manual ticking started next song
  3. Yesterday stopping and buffering after every song
  4. Today I can’t start Tidal song at all - shows buffering only
    Also Radio page stopped loading, shows error that iPad is not connected to WiFi, which is not true

At the same time no playback issues with Roon, Audirvana, Tidal app, Marantz streamer, so problem is with Auralic streaming Tidal only (and radio).
Spotify works with no issues.

On the other hand LDS iPad app is crashing often, especially on Radio page.
Scrolling on “My Music” lists (albums, artists, etc) does not work (local library connected to Plex server)

Please fix the Tidal streaming problem ASAP. It seems it is an old issue already

I changed DNS at device network settings to and Tidal streaming and Radio is back! So it seems it’s not Auralic but local internet provider messing around? But still playback starts with some delay buffering, or need to manually tick again to start…
Played 2 songs and buffering again - changing DNS didn’t help for long

Tidal streaming still stopping after every 2-3 songs. LDS app showing ‘buffering’, but in fact it just doesn’t start the next song. Pressing ‘Play’ starts the song immediately, and pressing ‘Next’ starts the next song immediately without delays. Vega screen shows the artwork of the next song, but it doesn’t play it automatically.
I got Vega G1 mainly to stream Tidal, but it does not work properly. How to solve this problem?

I have the same problem with G1 and Qobuz In Spain. The fun is that it has been working for 5 months perfecly