Album playback in Tidal/LDS stops


I contacted the support of Tidal again and described the problem in detail. I have also mentioned affected albums/tracks and albums/tracks that go through without any problems.

I also added links that report similar problems to Auralic/Tidal.

Today I got a feedback from Tidal for the first time, which does not only contain general stuff that is not helpful. It literally says: "In the meantime we are already working on a solution to the problem,
and hope to correct this soon by means of updates.

Maybe Auralic can help Tidal solve the problem…?

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It is much related to the network, we pulled some unit’s log from backend server and found that it took extra long time for our machine to get the real URL of the track, sometimes it took too long then just failed. There were other errors appears that TIDAL server exceeded maximum connection limitation and it shut down client connection automatically. We are not sure what has happened t to them but this is what we have found out so far.


This is still a big issue for me. Anyone else seen a change?


This is a problem of TIDAL side. We have changed software code in 5.5.x firmware and it has been much improved. By far there is nothing we can do anymore, future stability improvement has to be done by TIDAL. Since their service is quite unstable in some area, we have started to recommend Qobuz for people where the service is available now.


Hi memota,

do you have the same syntoms as me?

  • The new track stops directly at the start and in LDS buffering is displayed. But if you then press “play” in LDS, the new track starts immediately !

  • After exactly 16 minutes of waiting, the stopped track starts suddenly - without you having done anything !


Yes that’s pretty much what I have sometimes.

I’ve had to abandon tidal almost


I’m experiencing same problem with my Aries and TIDAL, playback stops at the beginning of the next track,
but I have no problems if I connect to TIDAL on my MAC or iPhone, everything is OK, no problems at all.
If it would be a TIDAL server problem, I should have same situation with my MAC, I guess…


TIDAL App use different server entry so it has higher priority comparing to 3rd party integration…


Updated to firmware 5.6 but same problems. Any other idea?



I’m still experiencing the same problem with Tidal on my Aries (firmware version 5.6) and Lightning DS (version 5.1). The next track on an album will “buffer” until I press “play”, or it will play by itself with a delay of 16 minutes.

With my Moon Neo MiND streamer, on the same network and the same Tidal account, album playback is smooth and I’m encountering no such issues.

I wonder, what would you suggest to fix or troubleshoot the problem? I’ll gladly take any suggested steps and provide feedback here–I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it and work out a solution together as a community!




then you have exactly the same problems with Tidal as I do with my Auralic devices (Altair, Aries Mini, Aries G2).

When I tried Qobuz for a month, I didn’t have this problem. That speaks for what Xuanqian says, that the problem lies exclusively with Tidal. I also feel that the main reason for the problem is Tidal.

Nevertheless, I have the feeling that this also has something to do with the Auralic firmware. I definitely didn’t have the problem before. I have the feeling (I can’t prove it) that this has something to do with the memory function in Auralic, which loads the next track into memory 15 seconds before the end of the previous track.
Maybe Auralic can take a closer look.

Personally, I’m tired of it, because I reported the problem almost 7 months ago without any improvement. I have now quit Tidal and have to switch to Qobuz.

Kind regards


Actually, we did some test just last week about the memory cache function to make sure it has nothing to do with TIDAL interrupt as I saw the post in the community of endless buffering at the beginning of the track. We go through the source code and done some simulation by limit the speed or manually break the connection, we really did not find anything fundamentally incorrect. We will keep an eye on this problem in the future but before we can find a way to reproduce the problem so as to do the debut, it will be very hard to get rid of.


In my case, it has nothing to do with the network.

I quit Tidal a few weeks ago and switched to Qobuz. Like a few months ago during a Qobuz trial month (when I had Tidal (with stops) and Qobuz (without stops) at the same time), I haven’t had any problems with Qobuz for weeks. And that even with WLAN streaming of real Hires files (Qobuz Studio).

However, I don’t like the operation of Qobuz via LDS as much as the operation of Tidal via LDS. I’ll make a wish about that in a moment.

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I have a mini and never experienced Tidal issue. LDS indeed crashes from time to time but music never stops :-). I don’t use wireless or internal or USB attached HDD - only NAS with DLNA. For DLNA, as LDS is not stable enough I’m using Kazoo Linn. For instance I’ve started some Haydn symphonies two hours ago and still running with no issue (on Tidal Hifi). My LDS is installed on iPad and app lock disabled. Also I’m using and external USB DAC.
The first thing to change in case of drops I would consider using cable instead of wireless. Also you might have to tune some QoS settings on your home access point (if available).


Hi Tavy,

please read the thread first. Then you better understand.

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Sorry, I just wanted to share my experience with the Tidal and the way I would investigate if I’ll be in a similar situation:- use wire not wireless and if it is not due to that make an access point on your mobile (if you have 4G should be ok) just to test if it works or not. The fact that Tidal works ok on different other devices linked to the same router could be due to the fact that Tidal native app is more robust to net issues. Also, if Qobuz is working could also happen if your ISP has different peering for Tidal and Qobuz (could be but is very rare).
Also try a different app to play Tidal like “mconnect Player HD” - works with my mini.
Again, I was just trying to help - it is very difficult for the support team to investigate something that they can’t reproduce in lab so everyone’s help is needed.
Kind regards


Hi, here in Italy I have the same problem with Qobuz!


Same problem


hello from belgium,

having the same problem since installing aries mini and using ds lightning app last june (2018), basicly as described by maasi:

  • using tidal, most of the songs will pause for 15 minutes and a half before they start playing,
  • it says “buffering”;
  • some songs will play without pausing, in particular if the previous song was rather short;
  • manually proceeding to the next song -> no problem, will play immediately,
  • no other network issues, i use streaming services for movies without any problems;
  • wifi is not an issue: when I connect aries mini through cable, the same “15 minute pausing” occurs;
  • when i use “Qobuz” with DS lighning app -> not a single problem

When I wrote to Xuanqian laste june, I was suggested to switch to Qobuz, since no TiDAL solution in view and an unresponsive helpdesk.
Indeed, Tidal support feels messy: standard responses coming from different people and a coordinated approach seems lacking. No real acknowledgement of the problem.

However, i am missing lots of music in the Qobuz catalogue, so I would really like to go back to Tidal.

Available for testing in order to allow Auralic to reproduce the issue and work out a solution together with TIDAL.

Thank you



The last working solution from TIDAL staff is to change DNS setting of router to rather than leave it as empty. It was said to have resolved problem.