Album playback in Tidal/LDS stops


Some time ago there were these problems with Tidal in LDS > The track you have selected
I have a similar problem for a few days.

When I play an album in Tidal/LDS, it very often stops when a new track should start. I see the new track in LDS, but LDS “buffers”. When I press the play button, the song finally starts. So I can’t listen to the album as a whole, but very often have to trigger the playback of the new track manually. That’s very annoying.

Also affected are albums that until recently played through from the first to the last track without any problems.

If I start an affected album on my laptop in the Tidal-desktop-app, then the problem does not exist.

Anybody else know the problem? Any advice?

Kind regards

Tracks don’t change automatically

Hi maasi:

I am having more frequent TIDAL connection problem here in China and I also found it takes a much longer time to start playing a track (buffering) then before. The problem seems to to appear about 1 or 2 weeks ago, I believe this is related to TIDAL server’s connectivity but we will look at the problem and find a better way to handle reconnect if network is unstable.


I am in Brazil and my problem is similar to yours. When I listen TIDAL on my Aries, the music stops at the beginning of the next track.
The problem occurs only on the Aries. If I connect TIDAL on my PC, Ipad or Iphone, all runs ok.


I’ve had the opposite problem. I haven’t seen Lightning DS playback problems with TIDAL pausing at the start of a new tracks. But I have had trouble with the native iOS TIDAL app when using it with WIFI and/or cellular. It will pause at the start of tracks (if I hit next track for example). If I slide the track progress pass zero and hit play, the track takes off. I’ve seen this both on my iPhone and iPad. I’ve reported this bug via the TIDAL ‘report a problem’, support page, but that is like a black hole. You never get back any feedback/status. I’ve deleted/reinstalled the TIDAL app on iOS but it has the same behavior. So for me Lightning DS w/TIDAL is OK, iOS TIDAL app directly is the issue. It would some type of buffering issue from the TIDAL servers.


@ Xuanqian
Thank you for your quick reply. Please do this: “…but we will look at the problem and find a better way to handle reconnect if network is unstable.”
My home network is very stable. My Aries G2 and my Aries Mini never lose the Wifi connection. Also the playback of the Aries devices from “NAS” (in my case HDD at Mini) runs without any problems. But the combination of Tidal/LDS is very bad about 1 or 2 weeks.

China - Brazil - Germany…
Seems to be a worldwide problem. :roll_eyes:

As I said: “If I start an affected album on my laptop in the Tidal-desktop-app, then the problem does not exist.”

Kind regards


I see the pausing problem with the TIDAL mobile app (iPhone, iPad). I don’t use the desktop (e.g. Windows) app so no comment on that.


Hi massi:

The problem is not from your local network but TIDAL service side. That’s why it is dependable by area.

So far we have no report from U.S but TIDAL in U.S was really back last November/December, I can not even stream without interrupt of a single track in my home in Portland. All problem just gone suddenly on January 2018…


The same problem with Tidal LDS streaming service is barely able to load next track had stated here in Russia about 10 days ago. I have another Aurender streamer and it doesn’t work with Tidal either. Tidal desktop or iPad applications work just fine. Most likely the source is in Tidal, not Auralic or LDS.

Has anyone the same issue with Qobuz? May be it is easier to switch the service?

Can't make Tidal work on Aries Femto with FW 5.5.1

I Don’t have issue for Qobuz. As for Tidal it started more than a week ago, it took longer time to buffer than usual. I think Tidal desktop is connected to a different server compared to others implementation.


I have that problem when I stream Tidal from my IPAD to my home theatre receiver using Airplay. It happens quite often. When I stream Tidal from my Aries Mini, it happens, but not very often. All of this is happening on my WIFI network.

It also happens occasionally when I am using the Tidal app on my iMac, which is is connected to my network via ethernet. The source of the issue is either Tidal or perhaps my Comcast cable connection.


Even worse in Italy…from 10 days on I can’t start play Tidal in LDS!
No issues at all on Tidal web/app instead.
And no more Masters MQA from many months on…
Tidal support sends unuseful standard answer (istructions for change DNS server and so on).
I’m testing Qobuz now, Tidal will go down sun!
Qobuz sounds better in my comparisons and has much more interesting music for me…


Hi Juliano,

“Tidal support sends unuseful standard answer (istructions for change DNS server and so on).”

It was the same with me. Didn’t help.

How about qobuz with you now. Is the problem gone?

Kind regards


Hello Maasi,
No…but Tidal is gone! At least, I hope so because I experienced troubles also unsubscribing! Very boring…
Qobuz instead works really fine!


I got one customer sending us email said the changing DNS server actually works but it does not work for me here in China.

Another customer wrote in side AURALIC does not stream and his Cocktail does not stream as well. It appears to be a wide spread problem TIDAL is having now.



is there any news? The bug is still there. Meanwhile I have also installed Qobuz for testing. Qobuz works completely error-free in my network! Tidal often stops - as I described - in the first second of a track (always on the same tracks).

When I tap Play manually, the track starts and runs completely.

And a very strange observation I made: If I do nothing manually, then it takes exactly 16 minutes and the track starts on its own at Tidal! Every time. What can this mean? What happens at Tidal or my network every 16 minutes?

Kind regards


Hi Xuanqian,

I made another observation about the TIDAL problem. Stopping does not occur for the affected tracks if I pull forward the progress bar in LDS for the previous track. Then the next - normally affected - track starts to play immediately.

Can these observations help to find a solution to the problem (which certainly starts with Tidal) from Auralic’s side?

Kind regards


When I use Tidal with Wifi > problems.
When I use Tidal with Ethernet > problems.
When I log in to my Auralic devices with a friend’s Tidal account - problems !
When I use Qobuz with Wifi - no problems !


TIDAL support is pretty much ‘dead’. We can not access to our developer account, I wrote them twice in two weeks time, no reply at all. I think it is the time to jump the boat (if possible).


I’m listening to my second album on Tidal straight through (LDS/Aries Mini).

Fingers crossed I can continue to do so.


This means that probably Tidal is not going to work on the Aries anymore?