AirPlay streaming interrupts

When I play audio from a movie or video through airplay it stutters. When I turn of my Altair G1 and turn it on again it goes back to normal. What could this be?


I’ve had a similar experience (once) but streaming mp3 audio file from Apple’s Music App, it occurred following waking up the G1 in the morning, so hadn’t played anything previously.

I initially restarted the iPad Pro but that made no difference so then I just turned off power to G1, let it stand for a minute then turned on again, that resolved the AirPlay stutter.

That was about a month ago and because I’ve not had a repeat I assumed something just went wrong with that particular wake up and the subsequent WiFi link.

The only change I’ve made since because it seemed to decrease wake up time and prevent the occasional missing Library issue (again on the Pro) was to turn on “Always On” for LS, but I’m doubtful it would of fixed at stutter.

I have tried this option, but unfortunately it does not work. Any other solutions out there?

It’s hard to say where the issue lies because AirPlay is a wireless function, but I would do the following if this stuttering is reoccurring.

1 - Reboot your Router or Wireless network.
2 - “Reset Network Settings” on your iDevice, that will reboot the device, you will need to re-enter WiFi passwords again though.
3 - Reset your Auralic unit by using “Erase All User Settings”.

Hope one of the above helps.

Just had this AirPlay “stuttering” reoccur this morning after playing from LDS Radio for a few hours.

Decided to play something from Apple Music App and AirPlay to Altair and it immediately started stuttering.

Turning WiFi off on iPad made no difference, same for closing and reopening Music App.

I then tried playing some content from the internal ssd for a few seconds, stopped and returned to Music App AirPlay and all was well.

Think it could very well be a bug, but doing the above is certainly more convenient than getting up to turn off the G1’s power!