Aires G2 with SSD

Actual product label shows it use 1.3A (or 1.4A) on 5V.

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Sorry, I am that that technical. Are you saying this is not suitabke?

Thank you.

To clarify, I am referring to the Samsung T5 external drive.


I remove the Samsung QVO and replaced it with a Seagate spinning disc
rated at 1.00 amp.
Copying files to it seems so slow after the SSD :frowning_face:

You are correct the QVO I removed is rated at 1.4 amps.
860 QVA 2TB specs Average 3.1W Max 4.1 W
860 EVO 2TB specs Average 3.0 W Max 4.0 W
Nearly identical specs
Where will I find the specs for the internal drive bay, in the G2
and what SSD do you recomend.


Hi Brian,

I believe that’s already been answered in the above posts.

The G2 bay is good for 5v at 1amp and recommended ssd’s include the 860 EVO range (again see above posts).

From Samsung spec sheet both the 1TB and 2TB drives are stated as 3W average and 4W burst mode.

Since Watts=Amps x Volts and the bay is 1a x 5v you get 5 Watts, therefore as long as any drive is less than that you should be ok (note that should also include burst modes or peak power).

I use a 860 EVO 1TB in my Altair G2 because it was reduced to virtually half price on Amazon, with no issues at all, you could safely use a 860 EVO 2TB if requiring the extra capacity.

Hope this helps

Is anyone able to advise whether the Samsung T5 external SSD will work. I am looking at the 1TB version.


Xuanqian has stated the USB port is capable of supporting 500mA at 5v, and from this review it appears the T5 draws 3.4W at peak, so that would push it over what the port can manage.

The only spec I could find was in the drives manual that states 5v at 0.8A, again that appears to be more than the port can supply.

So from what I can find it does appear the T5 needs more power than what the port can provide, whether it’s in the “acceptable” range of that extra requirement I’m unsure.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

This is frustrating as the retailer advised that any external SSD drive could be used.

As Auralic only supply the G2 directly with a pre-fitted internal drive, the retailer advised the limitation for this but nit an external drive.

Perhaps a standard hard drive would be better. I know that it will be much slower to transfer ripped CD’s but I don’t know if this will have an impact sonically.

Most of what I listen to will be via through streaming services but I do have some albums that are not available with Qobuz and Tidal.

Just spoke with the retailer and they have an email from Aurilic stating that any 2TB external drive.

I am confused.

Hi Jim,

It’s possible that standard usb rotational drives are more efficient but you can only tell by looking at the spec sheet.

I suppose USB Sticks might also be an option as they now come in larger capacities, but again you will need to check the power draw falls with in the 500mA/5v limit.

Another option is to use a mains powered drive which then nicely sidesteps the problem.

I’m not sure but I believe you can still externally power USB powered drives by using a suitable cable that splits sign from power, but I’ve no experience of those so someone else that has actually used one might advise further.

Least to say you have options and you could just plug a USB stick in the back at the moment until you sort out a more permanent solution, I started with a 64Gb SanDisk Stick when I first got my Mini.

Sorry, that should be ‘any external 2TB drive can be used’.

Hi Jim,

The definition of “any drive” might only be true if externally powered, as I mentioned in the last post.

I know others on the forum have experienced problems with certain drives that when externally power disappeared.

I would expect if your dealer is a Auralic stockiest they should already appreciate these issues.

Thanks again.

I do appreciate everyone’s input.

I don’t have any free power outlets so that’s not an option.

I did think about a USB stick so I’m going to explore this.

I probably have around 20-30 CD’s to rip.

Something like this will probably be fast enough on your PC for transfers, and even the 128GB should be more than enough for 30 Cd’s.

You have the option then to transfer your files via the network if the stick is left plugged in the back of the G2 or probably quicker, just take it out and do the transfers on the PC, once done plug back in to the G2 again.

At least it will keep you going until something more permanent is sorted.


Thanks very much for your reply, finally a explanation I can understand.
Auralic state 1 amp draw at 5 volts, now you have explained the formula
AxV=W we end up with 5 watts. Both of the 2TB Samsung 860 EVO and QVO
use less than that in the burst mode.
EVO = 4.0 watt maximum
QVO = 4.2 watt maximum (the 4TB draws 5.4 watt, that is too much)
So both 2TB drives should work with no problem
With the big price difference here in Canada 2TB EVO $450.00 cnd 2TB QVO $240.00 cnd (HST extra)
I purchased the QVO, the G2 ran fine with it installed, but @Xuanqian said it takes too much power
so I removed it and installed a spinning 2TB drive.
I would really like @Xuanqian to look at the published data and claifi if the QVO SSD is using too
much power when its only 0.2 more than the EVO SSD.


Hi Brian,

How you have summed it up is how I understand it, but what I’m not sure about is the max power draw of some drives.

Although the spec sheets certainly give a figure, say 4W for the EVO’s, you sometimes have a slightly different one displayed on the drive itself, which to complicate things may be in Amps. Basically it means you have to look at everything to ensure you really have the correct max and possibly do a bit of conversion in the process as well.

But because the EVO is well under the 5W limit I’m assuming you don’t have to be as diligent, but that’s just my assumption.

I use a samsung T5 2TB attached to my router.
That way you don’t draw any power from the Aries
Sounds brilliant.


However, this is not an option as the Sky router does not have a USB port.

Looks like a USB flash drive or a standard hard drive.

Trying to find the power consumption is not easy. I’ve looked at some manufacturers sites and often, there is no mention of power consumption.

I understand that standard hard drives are typically 2.5 watts so will work.

Talking about about connecting a USB storage device to your Aries G2, I’d like to draw your attention to the Aries G2 user’s manual which reads:

The maximum current driving ability of this port is 5V/500mA. AURALiC recommend you use USB storage with a dedicated power supply for sound quality considerations.

(my italics)



Like I wrote above, the Aries G1 manual reads

AURALiC recommend you use USB storage with a dedicated power supply for sound quality considerations.

This leads me to the following consideration. When connecting a device that must draw its operating voltage from the USB because a separate power connector is absent (e.g. an SSD), would it be useful as to sound quality / noise reduction if you use a USB-Y-cable? An iPad-Power-Adaptor should deliver sufficient power at all times even to feed power hungry devices. IMO it would be ideal to separate power- and dataline thus unburdening Aries’ USB and simultaneously isolating it from any noise from the power supply. (Just an amateurish idea of mine, I don‘t even know if such Y-cables are on the market. Hope I haven‘t tried to re-invent the wheel…)


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