Aires G2 with SSD

I planned to purchase an Aires G2 with a built in SSD drive. However, a message was sent to the retailer regarding what seems to relate to power consumption and advising that the SSD drive would need to be fitted to an Aires Mini, initiated then placed in the G2. Given that the G2 has a dedicated HD bay, I am curious as to why this is. I understand an external SSD drive connected to the HDD port will work just as well and this will be my only option as I don’t have any spare ports on my router. Thank you.

Did he happen to receive the message on the first of April? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems weird to me too :slight_smile:

On the other hand: in the user’s manual I didn’t succeed in tracing any instruction on this topic :face_with_monocle:

Can you not find a way of using the routers usb input and attach a Samsung T5 ssd as a network folder Works a dream in my system. Draws a small amount of power from the router. I have the Aries G2 working wirelessly so no power draw from the streamer by the ssd
After using a NAZ and an aurender as attached drives both wirelessly and wired via router and directly I have found the ssd/usb,router the best way to achieve the highest sound quality

hi Jerry1, are you saying that the ssd is connected via usb to G2 and G2 is connected to the router by ethernet cable?

I have a Sky router which does not have a USB port. I
don’t really want to spend money on a new router. I would be interested to know if connecting a SSD drive directly to the G2 impacts on the sound. Most listening will be via Qobuz but I will be ripping CD’s that are not available via streaming. Still can’t understand why an internal SSD drive can’t be pre-installed given that Aurilic advertise this as an option.

The ssd is attached to my router via usb
The Aries G2 is wireless to the router
There is no physical connection between the G2 and the router
Of all the configurations I have tried this is the best sounding I have had so far.
I paid £243 for the 2T ssd via Amazon
I’m sure Auralics CEO would agree with this configuration as being one of the best.
No power draw on any Auralic equipment
The ssd has a tiny power draw from the routers usb connection
You could go a step further and us one of those usb cables that separate the power supply cable from the data cable
I have heard of a ssd being put in a mini and then the G series streamers mapping a network connection to the Mini
However I find the method I use described above as being the most eloquent way of getting my locally stored files to play very high sound quality music.

The internal drive power rate limitation is 5V of 1A. Please check if your SSD need more than that amount of power. I know some latest model will use way beyond 1A and they will not work with any of our devices. Currently we have tested Samsung 860 EVO 2TB (1.1A) and a Seagate 2TB model (1.1A) with success.

If you need bigger storage size, we highly recommend you to use regular HDD as the power consumption does not relating to the storage size.

Thank you for your reply. Does the pre-installed internal SSD option that Auriilic offer not meet the requirements.

Also, are there any factors to consider with external SSD drives connected to the HDD port on the G2?

Machine’s ordered via directly will have SSD installed which will be tested to full meet specification. We have no control of what your local dealer may install in your machine since we do not offer pre-installed storage option to our distributor and dealers, they pretty much install by themselves. If you purchased a unit from them, please contact the individual for detail.

The USB port on the back of the unit can deliver 500mA at 5V into USB drive, please look at the USB drive’s specification and see if it requires more power than what ARIES G2 can deliver.


Sep. '18

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Since 10 days I have a new Aries G2!
All the Problems are solved, no more power problems.
I am realy happy! :grinning:
The 4 TB EVO 860SSD works without any problem and the sound is what I expected.

I installed a Samsung 2TB 860 QVO SSD a couple of months ago, I have no problem at all.


Oh. That’s the USB port where I connect my CD-Rom drive for the rip & play experience.

Please do not use QVO, it requires way more power than EVO and it is out of ARIES G2’s specification. You are risking to burn something in long term…


No problems, I will pull it out this weekend.

Thank you Brian

Would a Samsung T5 work? Spec suggest so but want to double-check

Received the G2 yesterday and it sounds really good with streaming via Qobuz.

Way more? IMO a device with a SATA interface and power supply should be able to conform to the spec and not need special care or compatibility lists.

Samsung 860 4Tb QVO SSD Sata III
Average 3.1 W
Maximum 5.4 W
(Burst mode)

Samsung 860 4Tb EVO Sata III
Average: 3 W
Maximum: 4 W
(Burst mode)