Add Sirius or Leo?

I have an Aries G2 and a Vega G2. If I can only afford one right now, which would give me the most notable improvement in sound quality (although, it’s excellent right now) - Sirius G2 or Leo? I stream all my music from a NAS. A lot of the music is high-res DSD and hi-res 24 bit files, but most of it is from CDs that I ripped.

Very good question !

The sirius is here to upsample/downsample your stream to the sweetspot of your DAC.
Let’s say that you DAC is as it’s best in 24/192Khz.
We tried for many years to achieve bit perfect and now we are trying to create informations that doesn’t exist at the beginning. Same thing it’s the sweetspot is DSD64, you will concert everything from PCM to DSD64 or downsample DSD128/256 to DSD64. Can we call it Hi-Fi at the end if we add extra informations :slight_smile: ?

Leo is a different beast, it provides the best clock to reach the maximum quality of your DAC and synchronisation with your streamer.

I really do not know because Sirius is not here yet. Let the first review give you an information. HQPlayer do the same thing and let you upsample everything to what you want. Some people upsample everything in DSD128 for example.
Some DACS convert everything to PCM (DSD included, even if it’s a DSD native compatible, DSD native is generally only for the Data Transport and not processing. A very few DAC process the DSD natively. APL Hifi does, but check the price).

I think it’s a question of philosophy. We are doing the same thing with video. All 4K TV upsample the signal if it’s not a 4K one in input. The result depends of the hardware and algorithm. But we need to do that or you will not use all the pixels of the TV … Having a 1080p signal only on a quarter of the TV surface will look strange :slight_smile: With Audio we do not have this issue …

Does a Hifi system with upsampling can be called High Fidelity or not ? This a good question to debate i think :slight_smile:

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The Leo is pretty incredible. It completely changed the soundstage of my setup, in a very good way. Also, with the right recording, the black space in between the music is glorious. Highly produced music is simply phenomenal with the Leo/Vega.

I hope there will be a way to select what upsampling or downsampling is done. I’m not sure that I would like my hi-res files being automatically down sampled. The primary benefit I would like to see is an improvement in sound quality from my lower res (i.e., CD) files.

You will be able to choose what will eb the output regarding the input.

On the Aries G2, you can choose for each kind of signal what will be the output one :slight_smile:

For example
44.1 --> 88.2
88.2–> 176.4

etc …

You will be able to choose what you want and prefer. A signal will not be downsampled unless you choose it and set it.

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I’m shooting from the hip, but, I would expect the Leo to be more relevant to most situations, especially if your DAC upsamples incoming signal automatically. I’m sure others will have a different opinion. I’ll probably end up with both, damnit!

Both device will give very audible improvement. I would suggest to add LEO GX first.

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