About the volume control of Vega G2

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I just bought Vega G2 to match with my Aries G2. When I disable the volume control on my Aries G2, I can still adjust turn the volume up and down on my Vega G2! I suppose that the volume should be fixed if I disable the volume control. Is it considered to be normal?



I do not understand I think, but the volume control is not the same in the Aries and the Vega. If you disabled it in the Aries (100) you can change it with the Vega. They are not related.

When you disable the volume on the Aries you need to also make it fixed 100%. From there your only volume left is the Vega which is analog. I am a little confused on this for myself but I have the original Aries and Vega and my Vega is not analog volume.

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Tks for yr reply. Yes! When I diable the volume of Aries G2, the front panel display of my Vegas G2 show the volume 100. However, I can still rotate the volume knot of my Vegas G2 to turn the volume up and down. Volume digit on the front panel display of my Vega G2 will change accordingly. Is it considered to be normal? Based on my understanding, the volume output should be fixed, eveb though I rotate the volume knot. (I have no intention to use the volume control of Vega G2.)

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Tks for yr reply. Just like what u say! When I diable the volume of Aries G2, the front panel display of my Vegas G2 shows 100. It means that I can forget the volume control of my Vega G2? Just make sure front panel display of my Vegas G2 shows 100!?

You see since I don’t have the G2s I am not clear on this. So how do you normally lower and rais the volume if you don’t use the knob on the Vega?

I simply adjust the volume through my pre Amp. This is the reason why I have no need to use the volume function of my Vegas G2.

Ok then yes that would make sense the Vega reads 100%. What pre amp to you have? And what amp or mono blocks?

I am using a set of Soulution pre + power Amp combo.

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Again the volume control of the Aries and the Vega are independant and not related. You can not disable the volume control of the Vega. Let it a 100% to have the full scale signal. The Vega G2 act as a preamp with its own volume control.

If you have no issue with clipping with your preamp, let the Vega at 100%. It can be helpful, if some preamp has some gain mismatched with the source, to lower the Vega volume.

@deuch Your comment sounds confusing. When you say “let it have 100% to have full scale” are you referring to the Vega? What do you mean? Are you saying turn up the volume dial to 100% for maximum voltage? Then you say the Vega acts as a preamp which I understand but what do you mean it has its own volume control? I thought we just turned it up to 100%? Are there somehow two volume controls? Are you by chance talking about changes made in the software? I am confused. Please break it down for me.

It’s simple :slight_smile:

Aries has a volume control. A software one.
Vega has a volume control. A Hardware one.

They are not related. If you disable the volume control in the Aries, it will not affect the one of the Vega.
The Vega volume control is always enabled because it’s a hardware one. You have to avoid the Aries Volume control, it’s a software one with some degradation in sound.

Yes the Vega can be used as a preamp. But at 100% the signal is untouched (like the volume control is just a wire). If you plug the Vega to a preamp or an integrated amplifier, you must use it at 100% to have the full scale signal.

If it’s too much for the preamp or integrated, you have to use the Vega volume control to avoid clipping with your preamp/integrated (for eg if 4.8V with XLR is too much for your preamp, because the standard is 4V)

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@deuch. Ok that is better I didn’t realize you were including his separate preamp in the 1st explanation requiring the Vega to be at 100%

Now on a side note for me personally. You may already know I have the original Vega and the Aries Femto. I also have the Merrak mono blocks But what I don’t have is the pre amp. This is where I am confused. I can not go past 35 on my Vega volume as it becomes too loud. Most of the time it is around 28 when my wife is around and when she goes to the store it’s near 50.:wink:. My question is would the Vega sound better at a 100%? Obviously I would need a pre amp. Now my vega is not analog volume right? What does that mean exactly and why would that matter? Thank you for your input. :sunglasses:

The original Vega yes definitively. I do not remember exactly but the optimal volume settings for Vega is more than 80 … below 80 you lose definition (it’s a digital volume control). You definitively need a preamp to have the full potential of the Vega. The nominal output of a vegan is too high for a amp directly.

That’s what I gathered. But I am ok using it this way until I get a pre amp right? I am not hurting anything.

That is what I think! Now I don’t have any clipping problem when the volume of Vega G2 is at 100. So I will keep 100 on my Vega G2. Tks for yr info and U help me to remove my uncertain.

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No you are not hurting your devices. You just not use them at their full potential for now :slight_smile:

@deuch. Well, look what just popped up on eBay today…yep a Taurus pre $899. I snatched it immediately. Now I have the missing piece. Now I have to buy another pair of XLR $500.:weary:

I would listen and determine if, at the levels you normally use, the Vega sounds better than the Taurus. At high numeric settings of the Vega, there will be very little signal compromise. Adding a whole additional stage of signal buffering/amplification (Taurus) may not be an improvement.

I am not following exactly what you mean by comparing the Vega vs Taurus Pre. The Taurus Pre is a pre amp and the vega is a Dac. I can not choose between the two it is either add the Taurus on not. I have all separates: Streamer, Dac, Mono blocks and now the missing Pre Amp. The Vega needs help with the 4.4V recommended output for best sound which means volume set to 100% not 25% which I am now running it at. Any higher and it is too loud. This is where the Pre amp comes in and what I understand will also increase headroom and sound stage. We will see when I test this.