About DSD to PCM conversion and PCM downgrade

Hi I’m a newcomer, and interesting Aries G1/2 now. Maybe the question I’m asking has a answer before.

Anybody who are the owner of Aries Femot or G1/2 know that the function of DSD to PCM conversion transform DSD64 to what kind of PCM sample rate, and does this conversion apply to all output channel at the same time.

In the user guide there is description “4. ‘Decoding Method’: AURALiC streaming devices are capable of decoding MQA files using AURALiC’s proprietary resampling and de-blurring method…”
When I choose 2x sample rate for example in the item Decoding Methard, does it work for MQA file reconverting only or will limit all higher-res playback PCM files to 88.2KHz/96KHz on all output channel.

Thanks in advance


With my Altair I am using the usb digital out and software volume control to an Audio Mirror DAC. This DAC does not process DSD so the conversion to PCM is needed. However I notice it converts my DSD64 file to 16/88.1 rather than 24/88.1, which is not high resolution. Is there a way to have the Altair convert to 24/88.1 instead?

If I’m correct, you can choose only one output at a time with the Aries. So my guess is that it will apply only to the chosen output but I didn’t do the test to be sure.

For settings relative to MQA, it only applies to MQA file, not the PCM or DSD.