A new approach (the search for a new audio set)

2 years ago I started my search for a new audio set. Was I unhappy? No not really. I had ripped my entire CD collection when I bought a Linn streamer years ago. All files stored on a Qnap NAS and the Linn connected to a high-end tube amplifier who drove my Triangle Magellan Cello’s speakers.
But… My busy life was not really compatible with a tube amplifier. (you have to put it on en let it warm up for some time and so on) I also had a nice Pro-ject carbon turntable with Ortofon MC cartridge and a collection of 180gramms LP’s. This device was collecting dust for 2 reasons. First listening to vinyl is like a ritual. You have to search your fysical collection, choose one and place it on the player. Obvious I had little time for that. Second reason was that over time many LP’s came available as (high-res) CD’s or downloads. So time to search for a different approach.
I decided to keep my speakers. Before the Triangles I had Quad 2805’s and I liked the Triangles because they came close to the speed and clarity of the Quad’s but had more punch in the bass.
The Linn was out-dated so my first search was to replace the streamer. I listened to Lumin, Moon, Mytec and Devialet. And then the Aries G2 came. Moon Mytec and Devialet did not give the sound I was looking for and the Lumin U1 was expensive and allready a while on the market.
The Aries G2 had the sound and features I was looking for. Next I needed a DAC. I listend to the (then) brand new Resonessance Veritas, again a Devialet and the T+A DAC8DSD. This was a no brainer. The dedicated DSD controller outperformed everything that I listened to
Next I needed a new amplifier and now the search was for the sound of my tubes and the convinience of modern life. I tried Quad, Nuforce, NAD and Devialet and since I was not overwhelmed with joy I tried the T+A AMP8 based on the High Voltage technology of the HV series. Wow this combi was fast, dynamic, crisp and still warm… I have now 2 AMP8’s in a horizontal bi-amping configuration driving the Magellan Cello’s.
I had extensivly played with Roon, knew the Linn app and also had many years experience with Twonky on the NAS. But I really also wanted to get rid of my NAS. With Netflix and HBO steaming services many of my movies were redundant and ony fullHD. I looked at LDS. And I liked it except that I had to buy an Apple iPad. I was so happy in the past to get rid of (ancient glory) Apple products. But other solutions are more expensive than an iPad and LDS is native to Auralic. Thats what I like!
Talking to Xuanqian l learned that the best options for the Aries G2 are wireless in combinations with a NAS. But I was getting rid of my NAS. Then I found IMHO a fantastic solution. I bought an Asus BRT-AC828 router which has a internal SATA SSD port. I bought a 2TB SSD and now my audio collection (about 35000 files hi-res,dsd and cd) is stored in the router. So I have a very fast wireless stream to my Aries G2.
The result is stunning! I have life-like open crisp and warm music and super convienience. I eliminated NAS, HDD’s, wires. And have super convenience from LDS in combination with a Qobuz studio Hi-Res subscription. I took 2 years to sell my old equipment and build up this audio set. But I am very happy with the result.


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