6.0b3 Firmware Sonics


I am very happy that Auralic continues to develop its software, to respond to changes in streaming services, and to accommodate customer needs.
Few companies are so honest to admit found errors and initiate immediate help. This is exemplary and one reason why I have invested in a combination of Aries, Vega and Leo and I am extremely satisfied.
But I am terrified of experiments with sound quality, because there is only one possible way to reproduce music: correctly.


It’s the same with all product with software in it … smartphone, smart tv, tv box etc …

If you ask people what they want and try to suit their needs, you will never update your software … for people who works in computer science, I think you understand what I mean :grinning:


From a sound science perspective, it still strikes me as wrong if the sound changes markedly in a firmware update when it is digital in and digital out. I am not saying bits are bits but the two main contributors to sound change from a streamer are

RF affecting usb or coax outputs . The RF gets passed down to the analogue circuitry in the DAC causing a sharper , brighter sound…but incorrect. Aries G2 has galvanic isolation so should be almost free of this.

Clocks and timing. This has a bit of voodoo to it but essentially if the clock is even a tiny bit unstable it affects transients…and these are the most important audio cues for sound placement and detail. I say voodoo because many DACs reclock anyway meaning the streamer should be irrelevant.

Are others not even slightly concerned the mid range push is actually a bug caused by the new eq not being flat when disabled? @Xuanqian is very quiet on this thread! We would all really love to know what has changed or if at least speaking for myself are imagining the change!



Maybe there is something changes in the timing of the signal. As you already write is that very important. It’s not just the Middle what has been improved but the full audio spectrum.

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I tried the 6.0 Beta 3 on my Aries Mini and I did not like it. On my system, my immediate first impression was that the sound with the beta firmware was kind of harsh. Extended listening did not change my impression of the sound. I switched back to 5.7 and the sound is back to the nice relaxed sound that I have been enjoying.

It is kind of scary that a Firmware update can change the sound so much. For me, if the next “Production” firmware has the same sound characteristics of the 6.0 Beta 3, I would be very unhappy. I went through several USB and COAX cables before I found the right cable to get the sound dialed into the way that I like it. It would suck if I had to go through that process again because of a firmware change.

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Question? How do you switch back to an earlier version of firmware? Instructions?


You can easily switch between the release version and the beta version by unchecking the box.
Was that your question?


I don’t like the 6.0b3 sound. On the G2 via AES, the soundstage is not natural - too in your face and upper frequencies seem elevated. Clocking issue? I don’t have the issue on USB out, but the DAC reclocks that. Going back to 5.7 fixes it on AES. I hope this gets sorted out before the next official release.

I can see how some perceive this as increased clarity with the more prominent treble, but it’s out of balance and ‘edgy’ as a previous poster said.


Probably you need sometimes to ‘bake in’ into the hardware. I encountered this every changed of firmware and I allowed it to settle in for at least a week.

The first impression for every new firmware upgrade (when it is done right) is tad towards brighter and more clarity sounding. The same goes when changing audio cables. If it is not done right, first impression is some loss clarity and ‘muddy’ sounding.

I prefer to stick with current production firmware as I don’t want to disrupt my listening.