6.0b3 Firmware Sonics



I have owned an Aries Mini for a couple years. With an improved PS it is a very satisfying audiophile player. It has been very reliable.

Tonight the system asked me to install firmware 6.0b3. A couple minutes later and the system is running again. The new firmware seems to include a very noticeable sonic upgrade. The sound is more “in the room” there is more air and space around instruments and voices. Much greater midrange detail. Yada, yada. It’s all good. Very good.

Anyone want to divulge what is going on and what changes were made with this firmware release? I have not found any release notes. Whatever you did, please do not undo it in future releases.

I hope someone will respond. Thanks.


I see added buffer times per input. Vega G1.


I have noticed the same sonic upgrade with firmware 6.0 beta3 from my Aries G2. First I didn’t notice the new firmware upgrade yesterday but when I played the first track (witch I know very well) from Imelda May album Life Love Flesh Blood something had happened with the overall sound presentation. I then checked out the settings in my Aries G2 and noticed the new beta3 version.
Tested again with other music both from Lightning DS direct to Aries G2 and from my ROON sever on my network to the Aries G2. The sound upgrade was noticeable from both systems. I’m very pleased with this version and hope to keep this also with the final version 6.0 release.
Cant see any release notes about this version but it’s no doubt, my Aries G2 / Kii Three system now sound better then ever…:sunglasses:.


Release note is updated : https://support.auralic.com/hc/en-us/articles/221252547-Beta-Firmware-Release-Notice?mobile_site=true



After reading your post, I decided to give the new beta firmware a try. My first impression was that I liked the increased detail in the mid and high range. After listening for a while to various sorts of music, I noticed that the obvious increase of a few db in the high-mid range became quite tiring. Can’t play at a loud volume anymore, becomes stressing to the ear. Will be needing the supplied equalizer for sure as soon as this becomes the release version. For now, I have reverted to 5.7 and like it better.

Best wishes,

Mark Demmink


Best sound ever for my mini :slight_smile: . Hope it will not change.


In the Beta Firmware Release Notice for Beta1,2 and 3 I don’t see anything that could change the sound quality.

Maybe it’s just changes in the power supply situation?

@ Xuanqian: What exactly does “Other playback relating bug (Beta3)” mean?

Kind regards


@Mark: What Aries do you use.?
I played 2 -3 hours from my Aries G2- Kii Three system yesterday evening and the 6.0 beta3 version presented a slightly bigger / wider / deeper sound stage from some of my well known music. This also result in more “space” between the musicians and I also noted that some of the singers/vocals presented bigger, just like I had add a 1 or 2 + db to the vocal in the mix . ( I have a small home studio and have worked over some years mixing my own and my friends music)
My ears still like the beta3 version in my system but of course this can sound different in other systems.


Just updated the Vega G2.
From my Mac, Vega G2 is still invisible as an Airplay device…




I use the aries LE with BOTW power supply.
I agree with the ‘space’ argument, but I think that there’s too much stress in the mid-high to be pleasant.

Best wishes,

Mark Demmink


If beta 3 is making certain frequencies boosted my several dB then most likely it’s s bug with the eq and it isn’t flat when disabled


Sounds like every firmware updates have some impact on the SQ. When it is done right; one will perceive slight ‘details’ and ‘brighter’ sound than before. We always think that new hardware requires some time to ‘burn-in’ but new firmware update to an old hardware also requires sometime to ‘settle-in’ so both hardware and software will get optimum reproduction.

Our ears requires sometime to adjust to the sound but your mind must first understand that this is being perceived as an improvement and not a degradation.


I use an Aries Mini with second gen BOTW, YBA integrated amp, Spendor ls3/5a´s and a Spendor sub-3 subwoofer. I agree there’s a big change in sound staging and a noticeable forward projection with emphasis on more prominent mids, highs haven’t changed but I notice the lower end is more …better errrh cleaner and balanced and detailed ! I just love it. It’s the second time Auralic improves the sound signature of the Mini, first round was when upgrading from v4.x to v5.x and now 6.x. First time round Auralic claimed it was not intended, this time wait and see what their story will be. I think their engineering team mature and they must be doing something right, to my ears at least. It’s sad they decided to not support room correction in the Mini, but I keep wondering how much of that stuff actually contributes to the sound changes we are talking about. Beside the available filters, I would really appreciate the ability to select by myself a predefined sound signature from a library, much like you can find in a capable after market car radio. That would be a welcome addition to the Miní’s capabilities and might fit the compute capability of it’s processor, internal bus and memory architecture. Anyhow, I really appreciate the engineering team’s effort to improve the reliability and the overall end user experience. Thank you, I do not regret my investment in your product at all :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone for your comments. I would second Enamel’s suggestion of adding preset filtering, etc.

The more I listen to 6.03b3, the more I like it. Clarity, musicality, realism. It’s all there. Whoever effected the fix in beta3 deserves some serious recognition and thanks. The result is astoundingly good.

Even the minor LDS bug wherein the software volume slider would disappear has been fixed. So LDS is now functionally perfect.

Thanks and “hats off” to Auralic engineering for the amazing sonic upgrade in 6.0b3!



I liked your reaction, so I gave it another try and, lo and behold, after a whole night of playing both favourite and new tracks I decided that this FW does indeed have advantages over the previous one. Is it electrical or psychological adaptation? Who knows? This whole sound thing is voodoo after all, isn’t it? The thing is that I’m happy with this new sound.

Best wishes,

Mark Demmink


Everytime the same old “I really like/hate the new sound the latest update introduced…” Lately I have done some experimenting and, as we all know, the human hearing ain’t exactly a reproducible science. I will not bore you with the details. Heck even mood swings have a significant influence on the way we perceive audio. IMO you cannot judge audio quality based on a singular event. You need to get accustomed to the sound, balancing out the outliers, and after a while you will have a base value to which you can refer to.

I don’t really understand why I took the time to write this up, but somehow this audiophile anxiety for the possibility of missing out on the perfect sound is starting to become an annoyance to me. Just take a breather and simply enjoy the music!!



Hear, hear! The professor has spoken!
And he wishes not to share the details of his findings, for we might be too ignorant to understand.

And he says “I don’t really understand why I took the time to write this up”
Well, neither do I understand why you took the time to write this up.
Because it does not contribute to the topic at all. It merely shows your dedain for those that actually listen and not judge by socalled facts/rules.

I, for myself, have spent two evenings comparing 5.7 with 6.0beta3 (switching back and forth) and I have found that the latter presents more detail in the midrange. And I decided that I like that better. Not on the basis of non-divulged research, but just by listening.

None of the persons in this thread has stated that he/she acts upon a one-time impression.
I would like to think that they are wise enough to understand that music is indeed best enjoyed in relaxation. But the technics do contribute to the experience of that same music.

You have bought an Aries G1 as well didn’t you? While you could have enjoyed music as an MP3 from an iPhone as well.

But that’s where we do not want to go.

So it would be most appreciated if His Grumpiness would like to take his dedain elsewhere the next time.

Mark Demmink


@Mark You are right I should have kept my selfish opinion to myself, because that is not the point of a user based forum… As you suggested this professor is going to keep his reasoning behind his opinion to himself as audiophiles are generally notorious for seeing their opinions as the fact based truth.

Enough with the self ridicule and on a more serious note, I noticed that my post was easily interpreted as a flame/troll post which in fact it was not meant to be. I recently evaluated some of my own and others audiophiliac behaviour and obsession concerning sonic quality and improvements ought to be conceived through hardware accessory tweaks / software changes. Although I should have probably kept my opinion to myself as it is most likely a very concerning and confronting subject for the winterharded audiophile there still remains a form of truth about it.

I think that somehow we desperately WANT to able to objectively identify the impact setup changes have on our beloved sonic quality, even though I am convinced that most of us are unable to make the professional assessments we claim we are capable of making. I personally start to believe that this is mainly to keep searching and craving for a desire that is unable to be fulfilled which, admittedly, is one of the appealing aspects of high end audio. But in some regard we tend to exaggerate to a point were its starting to become a quest that will only lead to obsession and keeping us away from the true fundamental of our hobby. Which for most of us is probably the emotional unwind that music can produce. But that is speaking for myself. I respect when that might not be the case for others and I should have taken note of that while throwing my previous post on the boards.


@ Xuanqian
I think it would be good if you could write something about a possible change in sound quality in beta version 6.03.
It is not excluded that it is an unwanted side effect. In any case, the statements are confusing.
I myself have not installed the beta because I want to listen to music and not test software.
There are users like me who have invested a lot of money in Auralic devices because they are great products, and these users do not want to play Russian roulette with the software, which sounds different after each update.
Many Thanks



Speaking for myself, I’m not “continously searching and craving for a desire that is unable to be fulfilled”.
I bought an Aries LE because, at the time, it was the best bargain for the money I had to spend.
And I was quite happy with the quality and functionality as they were. Then came the consecutive updates. And mind you: I am not asking for these constant updates in firmware, there being pushed upon me. So much for the craving. So I think it’s only natural that these updates invoke discussions about their merits. It seems to me that you missed out on this aspect in your first post.
Thanks for your understanding.

I fully agree with you that users of Auralic equipment are in a way ‘at the mercy’ of the software developers. It’s a bit like these splash screens in Windows 10, isn’t it? Who asks for a different start-up screen every week?
Luckily, there are some very useful implementations with each update. But yes, they are ‘messing’ with your equipment in a way.

Thanks and best wishes,

Mark Demmink