6.0 firmware EQ interface


Hi Xuanqian,

you didn’t quite unterstand me. I already have a sufficient tool (REW and miniDSP UMIK-1 > please have a look at my post from 30.12.2018). REW generates a sweep signal.

But I also want to be able to measure the result of the filters implemented in LDS. Of course this is not possible with the G2. I had hoped that this would work with an Altair. So it doesn’t work either. But how could I measure it?

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Hi Xuanqian,

I just got one of the last original Vega’s that was on the US Auralic website. I am using it now with my mini but I would like to get the original Aires but I see it says “Sold out” on the website. Are there any plans to restock it or is it a dead product? Thank you.


Hello Xuanqian! Hello everyone,

for now, I have a mini aries but in a few months, I will change my entire installation.

There will be the Vega G2 in the heart of the system, which will work primarily as dac and preamp.

I think add a aries g2 lightning link (audioquest diamond cable) and I will have access to EQ functions

here are my questions:

  • can you tell me about upscaling at Auralic? I do not think I have access to my Mini.
  • if i stream qobuz from aries g2, is upscaling maintained via lightning link?
  • can I add import FIR correction on the Aries?
  • can we assign corrections on the Aries on an original sample rate (for example 41/16) then upscaler on the vega g2?

and a last question:
do you think the Sirius will be released before the summer of 2019? and below $ 10,000?

Thank you all,


Hi massi:

Actually, you can measure the frequency response of the EQ filter. For ARIES/ARIES MINI, you can let them play a single tone signal or white noise then using FFT to analysis the output signal either from analog or digital output. If it is digital output, you can connect it to a USB sound card and record the digital output to computer and analysis the recorded file via various of software. This is how we verify our filter has been set up properly when we design the feature.



The ARIES was no no longer in production since a year ago, we just closed our production line for ARIES MINI as well and it will run out of stock from our dealer soon. The ARIES G1 is what replacing the original ARIES while we have not yet considered the the successor of ARIES MINI yet. The ARIES MINI’s price range appears to be not a good fit for AURALIC’s technology and we have no advantage there.



I assume you are referring to upsampling (upscaling). If you use ARIES G2 with VEGA G2, you do not need to setup the upsampling manually as our system will handle it automatically. We have a new device called SIRIUS G2 coming this year which will allow more advanced upsampling feature (upsampling everything in very high quality to DSD512).

Regarding room correction, currently you can only apply EQ manually to do correction in frequency domain (using 6.0 beta firmware), we are developing our convolution engine at right moment which allows input of impulse signal but that will not be included in ARIES G2 because of the calculation speed consideration, it will request SIRIUS G2 when it is available.

We are targeting to release SIRIUS G2 at Munich show this year which means it will be available by summer 2019, it will sure below $10,000, we dont want to go crazy.


Thanks !
and can you tell me if the Leo will be able to work with the vega g2 via lightning link, or will it be necessary to connect it to an aries g2?

in other words, can I have a system consisting only of vega and sirius?

and where will the leo be positioned? between the vega and the power amp?


I must say I am a bit disappointed as I thought your business statement was “ Built around the idea that true high fi should be accessible to everyone”. Your prices Are no longer reflecting that statement.


Xuanqian wrote:

The ARIES was no no longer in production since a year ago, we just closed our production line for ARIES MINI as well and it will run out of stock from our dealer soon. The ARIES G1 is what replacing the original ARIES while we have not yet considered the the successor of ARIES MINI yet. The ARIES MINI’s price range appears to be not a good fit for AURALIC’s technology and we have no advantage there._

Mlmowery replied:

I’m not sure that the Auralic marketing statement you quoted is particularly sensible but your response makes no sense either. One person’s idea of accessible may be much less than another person’s (for some, an Aries Mini may not be accessible). “Accessible” is meaningless without context; it can’t be separated from quality and the cost of production. A manufacturer has to chose the position in the market at which it can be competitive; for Auralic, that means a point at which it can sensibly offer its differentiated technologies and quality of manufacture.

You are apparently unhappy that Auralic is no longer manufacturing the original Aries. Its replacement, the Aries G1, introduced several years after the Aries, offers more advanced design and obviously costs rather more to manufacture. The price appears realistic. If you want an original Aries, why not find a recent used one in good condition? It should cost a lot less than a new one.

I completely understand Xuanqian’s point about the viability of the Mini. It is an excellent product for the price but that space is crowded. I’d guess that an improved Mini would have to cost at least twice as much as the first generation model.

Let’s not be unrealistic in our expectations of Auralic?


I think the issue is that it is unclear on the Products page of Auralic’s website, that they have discontinued the “Sold out” items. They even have a “notify me when it is available” email which leads one to believe it is still in production. They should rename the “Sold out” to “discontinued”. That would would help with customer expectations.

Am I disappointed that I can not get the Aries? Yes. I would have been happy to add the Aries to my system as I don’t have long dollars for the latest offerings. I was happy I was able to get one of the last Vegas off their website.

If it was not for the mini I would not have experienced Auralic. The mini allowed me to dip my toe in the water of steaming and hi resolution and I have been an Auralic fan and customer ever since. I think discontinuing the mini is a mistake for new customers who are particularly new to hi resolution and streaming. Then they can really hold on to there quote of “Built around the idea that true Hi-Fi should be accessible to everyone” But that is a business decision and I understand that. It does not mean I won’t be disappointed if they do discontinue that as well. Life is full of disappointments but we move on.


I trialled both Aries Mini (with linear power supply, which significantly increased the cost) and Aries. The Aries was obviously better but whether the difference is worthwhile depends on the rest of the system and the listener’s sensibilities. It was certainly worthwhile for me.

Have you contacted any dealers in your home country? Does anyone have stock, ex-demo or used units? People are upgrading…

I assume that “sold out” (as opposed to “out of stock”) plus the absence of price information was thought to indicate “discontinued”. It wouldn’t be difficult to add explanatory text above the product description, though. More information is seldom a bad idea.

Do consider making an effort to find an Aries.


Thank you for your response. I do have the mini with the upgraded linear power supply. With the newly acquired original Vega I now got the bug to get the Aires. I do however subscribe to Roon and from what I have read I do not need a streamer with a femto clock as Roon does their thing before it reaches my streamer and it is actually the DAC that does the clock work. I am sure I will be able to find a second hand Aries when I am ready for that purchase.


You do not need ARIES G2 in order to use LEO GX. The LEO GX can connect to VEGA G2 using Lightning Link while VEGA G2 can use any input method while using LEO GX’s clock.

The Sirius will be processor which add between ARIES G2 and VEGA G2, it is a pure digital processing device.


Our technology was designed to delivery best sound quality, they require modern hardware and they are not cheap. @droxford is very right that below $1000 market is very crowd and there is no real advantage for us. However I think our current entry level device ARIES G1 is still very affordable for what it offers comparing to its cost. You wont be able to find any other device with such rich feature at similar price range.

Regarding the website, the current structure could not allow us to mark discontinued product except for bring them down completely. We have hired a company to work on the new one already.