6.0 firmware EQ interface


REW does not seem to work under mac os mojave. The Rew v 5.2 beta for Mojave is only available through the AV Nirvana forum site, i am now looking for an alternative software.


Will you be posting a tutorial on how to use REW with the Aries? That would be extremely helpful.


Can this also be accessed through Roon? For all of my different streamers I always only use Roon. Proprietary Music-Management-Software of individual hardware vendors is not interesting for me. I don’t want to clutter my phone with hundreds of apps were each one is only usable for a very specific task for a very specific vendor. That’s almost like having a different Email-client for each Email-address I might want to sent a mail to. Or like having a different Bluetooth-App for every device I want to connect to. So, it would be nice if all this could be accessed via the one de-facto standard app for music management, i.e. via Roon.


Roon already has his own DSP Engine :wink:


Hello Xuanqian,
I would rather not publish the frequency response in my room, because I’m afraid that you then take away the nice G2 combination again. :grin:

But I have two questions about the planned equalizer:

What happens to DSD files? Are they automatically converted to PCM when the EQ is activated?

I can see that the EQ can be found in the “Processor Setup” menu. When using Lightling Link, the Processor Setup menu disappears automatically. Does this mean that EQ is not available when using Lightling Link?

Many Thanks


There is no way to do DSD processing based on current devices ability. This is something Sirius will have to do.

With 6.0 firmware, the Processor Setup will not disappear in Lightning Link mode as you will see those options. However there wont be any resampler option when using Lightning Link because it has been handled internally.


When will 6.0 be released?


Can you tell a bit more how speaker placement compensation works.


Will 6.0 also include the aforementioned Roon sound quality improvements?


This will let you put the distance of the speaker to you and the system will calculate the timing delay between two speakers and apply to the streamer. There is also possible to input gain compensation value but you will need to measure by yourself.


There will be sound quality improvement via Roon but since the working principle is different comparing to OpenHome mode, many technical features, like MemoryCache can never be used under Roon mode.


Out of interest, why is it that Roon doesn’t sound as good as it could through the Aries?


Congrats for the work
Is there a time frame to this beta release to Auralic Aries femto?


JUST noticed that my Aries femto its using the new 6.0 firmware beta.
My dad its a ps audio direct stream . I was wondering if you guys noticed any improved sound letting the Aries do a first up sampling from mp3 and red book before its going to dac
As asking to avoid crashes and bugs in here. thank you very much


I stream Tidal and upsample 2x on FLAC. The sound stage is wider, deeper and more clear. If I start moving up the sound stage deepens but not so much in a way I enjoy it. So yes I would suggest upsampling prior to the DAC and let your DAC do it’s thing with some more resolution being fed into it.


Hi Xuanqian,

I own the G2, the Altair and the Mini. In the G2 I have set two filters in the EQ for some time now. But I can only evaluate the result aurally - not by measuring with the filters.

Now a question about the Altair, which will surely get the 6.0 FW soon.

I go from my laptop (on it is REW) with a USB cable into the Altair and then run the sweep in REW. Then I can measure the amplitude frequency response in my room (I did that a long time ago). When I set the Altair filter soon and let the REW sweep run again, do I see the concrete effects of the Altair filters on the frequency response through the Altair’s analog outputs?

Kind regards


In the PS Audio DirectStream DAC, the input datastream is immediately converted to 28.224MHz DSD, so double upscaling will probably just introduce errors, and improves nothing.
Let the DSD do the upscaling - it’s really, really good at it, particularly with Snowmass, the latest free firmware upgrade.


Not, it will not, the effects only available when Altair is set on streaming mode, for all other input method, they are separate and not going through our processing platform so it wont apply.


Hi Xuanqian,

thank you for your answer.

But now I ask myself the question, how should I check the result of the filters set in my G2 and Altair by a precise measurement? Just listening is not good in my opinion.

Do you have any advice?

Kind regards


The group delay can be measured by apply impulse signal and measure the pre-echo and post ringing of the analoy output, the frequency response can be measured by sweap signal. Both measurements request professional tool to apply.