6.0 firmware EQ interface

Is this room correction as such that might involve measuring the room, or more of an equaliser that we will adjust by ear?

The measurement is done using a calibration microphone and software, like REW. The software will measure your room acoustic and generate EQ parameters then you can put those number into streaming device setting.

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Looks excellent. Looking forward to trying this.

Is the equalizer available only for the DAC funtion, or will be available also for USB or SPDIF numeric output ?

Very cool! …but disappointed it’s not coming to the Mini :frowning:

Is it a ‘spec’s issue’ or a choice?

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Hi, When will 6.0 be released please?

Looks great - looking forward to check it out. When will the beta be out for us beta-testers ?

It is for all outputs

ARIES MINI was promoted as entry level product, we especially explained at product launch event that it wont have any advanced feature due to hardware limitation (much less system memory)

What about Aries Femto.
Do you think we will get new (final, not beta) firmware?

Hey Xuanqian! I understand you’re point of view. However, in my experience the Mini is a very serious audio streamer whit a Sbooster + Ultra module power plant upgrade!
For example whit a Sbooster the Mini scores higher than a Moon NEO 260D DSD in terms of sound quality according to Alpha Audio.
Whit the upgrade the sound is really excellent :ok_hand:

Maybe fun to know? :wink:

(Klankbalans = Sound balance
Geluidsbeeld = Sound image)

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We will have to use a calibration microphone on the usb input ? Can you advise us about that microphone in order to purchase the right (compliant) one ? Thanks

You’ll have to use a program like REW, on your PC with a calibrated microphone like a UMIK, that’s what Xuanqian said earlier !

Yes, you will need to use REW or some software to measure the room then generate calibration EQ.

I think use of REQ will require a lot of skill and please remember you should never ever boost your bass dip or you are risking in burn out your woofer.

Here is a measurement of AURALiC’s RMAF room (7024) acoustic:

We ended up not using any room EQ because the room measures pretty well except for the big dip around 48Hz which there is no magic to cure it. Also the EQ will somehow affect the sound quality so it does not worth it. Don’t think that you can can add 20dB boost on 48Hz to flat the curve, you woofer will be dead in minutes…

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REW does not seem to work under mac os mojave. The Rew v 5.2 beta for Mojave is only available through the AV Nirvana forum site, i am now looking for an alternative software.

Will you be posting a tutorial on how to use REW with the Aries? That would be extremely helpful.

Can this also be accessed through Roon? For all of my different streamers I always only use Roon. Proprietary Music-Management-Software of individual hardware vendors is not interesting for me. I don’t want to clutter my phone with hundreds of apps were each one is only usable for a very specific task for a very specific vendor. That’s almost like having a different Email-client for each Email-address I might want to sent a mail to. Or like having a different Bluetooth-App for every device I want to connect to. So, it would be nice if all this could be accessed via the one de-facto standard app for music management, i.e. via Roon.

Roon already has his own DSP Engine :wink:

Hello Xuanqian,
I would rather not publish the frequency response in my room, because I’m afraid that you then take away the nice G2 combination again. :grin:

But I have two questions about the planned equalizer:

What happens to DSD files? Are they automatically converted to PCM when the EQ is activated?

I can see that the EQ can be found in the “Processor Setup” menu. When using Lightling Link, the Processor Setup menu disappears automatically. Does this mean that EQ is not available when using Lightling Link?

Many Thanks

There is no way to do DSD processing based on current devices ability. This is something Sirius will have to do.

With 6.0 firmware, the Processor Setup will not disappear in Lightning Link mode as you will see those options. However there wont be any resampler option when using Lightning Link because it has been handled internally.