5-GHz-Band issues due to check for higher-priority users

My gear: Auralic Aries Mini.

My findings: Music playback stopped all of a sudden; after a minute (or so) playback of the track that had been interrupted started de novo from the beginning. I immediately suspected WLAN issues and checked the event messages in my Fritz!Box router. And actually it read the following:

" 5-GHz band cannot be used for 1 min. because of check for higher-priority users (e.g. RADAR) on the selected channel (frequency 5.260 GHz)".

Further explanations can be found here.

Since Auralic advises users to make use of the 5 GhZ Band instead of the 2.4 GHz Band such interruptions might occur more or less frequently, at least in Fritz!Box based WLANs. Hope this information is helpful.


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Thanks for this very interesting information.

The AVM people state in their help file (see link in my original posting):

“You can prevent the DFS wait time and a forced channel change by selecting in the FRITZ!Box a channel for the 5-GHz frequency band that does not use DFS (channels 36, 40, 44, 48).”

The default setting is “Set radio channel settings automatically (recommended)”. I altered it to “Adjusting the Radio Channel Settings” and switched to one of the channels listed above that do not use DFS (and was not occupied by my neighbor’s WLAN). Thus, in future I’ll hopefully listen to my music uninterruptedly :slight_smile:



Hi Robin:

Auto channel switch should work unless the router is having a firmware issue. FRITZ!Box used to have firmware issue but that was back to 2017, they resolved the problem in early 2018.

at present I‘m spending my hollydays far from home :desert_island:. So I cannot check my router‘s firmware right away. However I’m pretty sure that the firmware is up-to-date. Anyway, I‘ll check it and drop you a line next week when I‘ll be back home again.

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Well, here I am back home again. My Fritz!Box 7490 is running Fritz!OS 7.11 which is the newest version available. I remember that on installing my Fritz!Box I was asked for the country I am in (Germany in my case), so I assume operating conditions may vary in different countries or regions.