5.1.beta2 firmware is now alive!


This is a version we focus mainly on bug fix, please feel free to report problems you meet:

About This Release:

  • 5th July 2017
  • Lightning Server will drop and rebuild the current library index if upgrade from firmware 4.x and below due to significant changes to the database structure.
  • Please make sure you do not reboot or turn off the unit during the update of boot code, or else the unit will no longer be able to boot up (will have to return to factory for flashing the boot code).

New Features:

  • Add French language support in Lightning DS web control interface.
  • Add ‘Always on’ function for Lightning Server in Lightning DS web control interface.
  • Add ‘Smart Album Title’ function for Lightning Server in Lightning DS web control interface.
  • Add ‘Group Multi-Disk Album’ for Lightning Server function in Lightning DS web control interface.


  • Lightning Server is unable to start or unable to create library index, due to illegal CUE file stored in user’s library folder.
  • Unable to add new library path on iPhone and iPad through Lightning DS web control interface due to an interface error.
  • Unable to erase music library while Lightning Server is busy.
  • USB Mixer setting error that leads to low volume when use USB connection to particular types of USB DAC.
  • Playback interrupt and jump to next track when after seek operation.
  • Unable to read Lacie USB storage due to a Lacie firmware bug. This fix is not available for ARIES and ARIES LE due to hardware limitation.


  • Compatibility with CUE file tag information with Chinese letters. Lightning Server now use GBK as default non UTF8 encoding method.
  • Lightning Server will remove leading and trailing space letter from any tag segment.
  • Streaming device will now unmount all network shared folder when it is being put into sleep (resolve the problem that NAS can not go sleep).
  • Reduce pop noise while using Native DSD output format.
  • Extend maximum length of WiFi password to 255 words through Lightning DS web control interface.
  • Extend maximum length of SMB path to 4096 words through Lightning DS web control interface.
  • Other Lightning DS web control interface optimizations.


Works great!
The only problem is that the Masters list is empty in my tidal screen.
Lightning DS is 4.4.
Any help?


Yes, we have got several reports of TIDAL master section to be empty. It appears the problem is related to a non-US or UK type of TIDAL account been used. We have contacted TIDAL to let them provide some demo testing account for use, waiting for reply now…


Volume is lower now, using USB connection to NAD C510.

Tried to enable and then disable volume control but no change.

I have to increase volume on the amp, but there is not much room left now.


Seems to be more stable with qobuz sublime. no lockups so far


I have my Aries Femto registered for Beta testing. But, as with the previous betas, it won’t update to the latest version. I’m still on beta 5.0 and the app says ‘firmware up to date’. I tried switching Aries off completely, but no luck with that either. I don’t want to roll back to 4.1 and then update to 5.1.2, as that would mean rebuilding the database for hours. How do I get the latest version as it should: completely automatic?


I think the upgrade push is batch by batch. Last time I wait more than 24 hours to receive an update notification.


To switch the ARIES off completely, you need to disconnect power cable and reconnect then start. You can send me the S/N of the device if you want us to do some verification for you.


How do I upgrade to this new version? I have an Aries Mini. Thanks.


Razza, you may log into your AURALiC account (top left icon) and choose your device, check “join beta testing group”


jehutymoon, is this icon on iPhone version of Lightning DS? cannot seem to find this…



You can refer to this link:


thanks. perfect. and if I join the beta test firmware, I will have parametric/room correcting eq?


room correction has not yet included in this firmware

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