24 bit max on DAC


I have the Denafrips Terminator DAC and it’s digital inputs (besides USB) are limited to 24 bits. I want to try upsampling Tidal on my Aries G2 and running the Terminator in NOS mode. When I upsample on the Aries to 192k, it also increases the bitrate to 32 bits. I’m experiencing dropouts when doing this. Is it due to the 32 bits? I need to be able to limit the digital outputs to 24 bits.


Not really. The 32bit will be reduced to 24bit at ARIES’s digital output automatically, it shouldn’t have any affect to the processing speed. ARIES G2 have more than enough power to upsampling everything to 384K without drop out. You can even upsampling while enable EQ function.


Thanks Xuanqian. I was listening last night and the dropouts have stopped. It must have been an issue with the Tidal stream. BTW, the Aries upsampling (precise mode) is much more smoother and non-fatiguing than the Terminator upsampling which is a bit rough. Nicely done!!