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Make Lightning Server Compatible with Apple HomeKit (1)
Rating metadata and filtering options to generate playlists (1)
Displaying "Composer" while playing (DS Lightning App) (1)
Aries (mini) chromecast support (2)
Sorting Qobuz favorites (2)
Tidal Top songs (8)
Qobuz & lightning (iphone) findings (11)
Map playback functions on Spotify Connect (3)
Provide a "Sort by Artist Last Name" setting like Roon (2)
Shuffle playlist does not randomize (3)
Room Correction ( 2 3 ) (58)
Deep sleep mode for G1/G2 (6)
小白羊未来能否支持QPlay2.0和HWA? (5)
Vega G2 - No Remote Control (5)
The Aries G2 display again ( 2 ) (22)
Eq for lightNing ds? (7)
More precise volume control (6)
Absolute polarity (1)
Metal housing Aries G2 (18)
Accented characters: a search issue :-/ (4)
Add AURALiC’s proprietary resampling and de-blurring method when Aries is used as 'EndPoint' (7)
Add lossy MQA and Hi-Res indicators for local libraries (2)
Show Dynamic Ranges of CD (2)
Downmix to Stereo (5)
Import of m3u playlists into Lightning (1)
Manually put album art in ‘My Station’ under internet radio (2)
HRA Streaming integration (5)
'Play Now' optional popup to control play queue action (6)
Location and size of 'Toggle Loop' and 'Toggle Shuffle' controls (2)
Display Idle Status (9)