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Behaviour for programmed remote controls and additional display option (4)
Deezer Integration (18)
Tidal MY MIXES new feature missing (4)
Aries ISO to FLAC files (20)
Add format in album view (11)
More edit options in the on going playlist (4)
Lightning DS fonts (2)
File Information display in Lighting DS (2)
More direct access to "Additional Operations" (5)
Aries Mini will not come out od yellow flashing (2)
Support for LastFM scrobbeling (5)
Display PDF booklet in Lightning DS iOS App (20)
Device sleep after a period (6)
Internet radio name display (6)
Remote control in Airplay mode (4)
G1: Wifi auto reconnect and more "auto display off" options (12)
Sound normalisation (8)
Lighting DS dark mode (6)
Sort Albums under Artist by Year (12)
Big current track display on Aries G1/G2 (6)
Make Lightning Server Compatible with Apple HomeKit (1)
Rating metadata and filtering options to generate playlists (1)
Displaying "Composer" while playing (DS Lightning App) (1)
Aries (mini) chromecast support (2)
Sorting Qobuz favorites (2)
Tidal Top songs (8)
Qobuz & lightning (iphone) findings (11)
Map playback functions on Spotify Connect (3)
Provide a "Sort by Artist Last Name" setting like Roon (2)